A reporter lies about Trump’s statement regarding vaccines

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My mantra for some time now has been that there was nothing “abnormal” about Trump’s presidency. Since Trump has left the White House, it’s become patently clear that the abnormality during the Trump years came entirely from the Democrats and their media operatives, with support from the Vichy Republicans. Trump was the Teddy Roosevelt of our era: Larger than life, patriotic, speaking softly with America’s enemies but carrying a big stick, and national CEO. Had he been respected, these years could have been an American renaissance.

But the Trump haters were relentless and as if to prove that the sickness was all theirs, on Sunday one of them instantly and proudly perverted Trump’s words to claim that he was anti-vaccine. Remember, please, that Trump was the one who pushed aside regulations and freed up money so that there was a vaccine within less than a year of COVID’s appearance in America. It was also Trump who began the vaccine program with assistance from the military, which is very good at processing vast numbers of people.

Since he left the White House, Trump has watched the Biden administration make a complete hash of the program. From the beginning, its messaging has been all over the place. Before Biden secured the White House, the Democrats were aggressively challenging the vaccine, with Kamala Harris famously saying that she wouldn’t take the vaccine if Trump “tells us that we should take it.” Same vaccine, different president, and Kamala’s in love with it again (but still wouldn’t abandon her mask for months).

After entering the White House, the Bidenites insisted that vaccinated people continue to wear masks. This was a very peculiar stance to take for vaccines that allegedly work. People quite rightly assumed that they were being stuck with an agent that was not only experimental but also ineffective. Biden’s obsessive mask-wearing only drove that message home harder. Fauci, of course, was all over the place – and his reputation for probity and intelligence took a hit when it turned out that, not only had he lied about COVID’s origin, but he’d also helped fund that origin using taxpayer dollars.

The fact that the White House is openly and aggressively censoring information about the vaccine also kills confidence. As with the election audits, because they’re acting as if they have lots of things to hide, that devious conduct implies that, in fact, they are hiding lots of things.

Trump, of course, has noticed all this. On Sunday, he blasted out one of the emails he relies upon to communicate with the public now that the social media platforms that occupy America’s public squares have unconstitutionally censored him:

Joe Biden kept talking about how good of a job he’s doing on the distribution of the Vaccine that was developed by Operation Warp Speed or, quite simply, the Trump Administration. He’s not doing well at all. He’s way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration, they don’t trust the election results, and they certainly don’t trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth.

Only a functional illiterate could fail to understand the message: Joe Biden was handed an excellent vaccine distribution program and blew it, big time. His management was poor and people don’t trust him, just as they distrust the media and the election.

So, what does one media representative do? He lies about Trump’s crystal-clear message. According to Blake Hounshell, a reporter for Politico, that message constitutes “A dangerous turn of events as Trump flirts with the anti-vaccine sentiment.” (Hat tip: Red State.)

Hounshell is only one man, of course, but the lie is noteworthy because it so perfectly represents the abnormality of the entire Democrat establishment’s and the Vichy Republicans’ approach to Donald Trump. There’s a reason for jokes such as this one: “If Donald Trump announces that he’s cured cancer, the media will run with headlines saying, ‘Donald Trump puts oncologists out of work.’”

They lie relentlessly and shamelessly about anything Trump says or does. America had the blessing of another Teddy Roosevelt — and the Democrats and Vichy Republicans worked overtime to turn him into a cross between Elmer Fudd and Adolph Hitler. In November 2020, the majority of American voters recognized the con, but these same Trump-haters weaponized bad flu to win an election and change America forever.

I’m not a very religious person but I’ve lately found myself hoping for an afterlife. It’s comforting to believe that there will eventually be a just reckoning for events over the last five years.