Alyssa Milano Leads Hollywood’s Political Scene With New Heights Of Blind Love For Biden

Alyssa Milano has been a reliable mouthpiece for whatever Democrat is in power for many years. Well, she is a Hollywood celebrity, so that should hardly be surprising.

However, it is still remarkable how willing so many “intellectual” celebrities are to not only accept current Democrat incompetence but actually to cheerlead for it.

Soon after the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan took a deadly turn for U.S. service members during last Thursday’s attack on the Kabul airport by ISIS-K, Milano took to Twitter to remind everyone how she feels about what President Joe Biden did.

She said that she is proud of the president and the “incredible job he’s doing,” adding that he is the right person for the job “at this moment in history.”

Child actors, in general, have a long history in Hollywood of turning out to be damaged adults. Take that in combination with the tendency of actors to be self-imagined political intellectuals who never met a Marxist they didn’t love, and you can get some exciting results.

President Donald Trump took many Hollywood liberals right to the edge, where more than a few of them appear to have jumped over. True to the trend, Alyssa’s continuing tantrum that began when Trump announced that he was running for president six years ago is still running in high gear.

Scott Adams quoted the Milano tweet, expressing a common sentiment.

Not everyone in Hollywood agrees with Milano, at least. Scott Baio decided to buy her a first-class ticket to Kabul if she is ready to take the military chaotically withdrawn by Biden.

Libertarian podcaster Clint Russell took a compassionate approach to Alyssa’s latest tweet.

Earlier this year, Milano hinted at a possible run for Congress in California’s 4th congressional district. It would be one of those Congressional races that would rank right at the top for entertainment value, if nothing else. Republican Tom McClintock has held the seat since the 2008 election and won the 2020 race with almost 56 percent of the vote. No Democrat has won the district since 1990, and President Trump won 54 percent of the vote in the community in 2020.