AOC’s statement about masks reveals how COVID damaged leftists

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For the first month after leftists conceded that COVID in America was a problem, they responded with some scientific rationality (although tempered by mindless panic). However, leftists quickly weaponized the virus to achieve two goals: ousting Donald Trump and achieving unlimited control over Americans. That’s when their minds broke because some of them started believing their own hype. No one demonstrates that better than AOC, who can’t quit the mask.

Democrats claim to be the party that “believes” in science. This belief went stratospheric the day Trump was elected. Not only was he the bogeyman who sexually assaulted women (something he never said he did, for he noted only that, if you’re a billionaire, women let you do anything), he was also the man who denied that anthropogenic climate change meant that the world would end in some indeterminate number of years, but soon.

Leftist women head to protests in electric cars requiring fossil fuels to recharge and using batteries made with rare earths that slaves mined in China. They donned their foolish “pussy” hats and went around with signs either giving voice to their vaginas or castigating Trump for not “believing in science.”

This “believe in science” trope continued throughout the Trump presidency. These “believers” were fanatics who had no room for the actual scientific process, which requires rigorous objectivity and a willingness to follow the data and challenge mindless conventional wisdom. To them, climate change was responsible for anything and everything. The fact that there are no stable measurements for the climate and that the Earth is entering a grand solar minimum wasn’t the type of science that could challenge the faith of the same women who insist that a fetus is a non-human disposable object, while a mass murderer is a human being deserving of respect.

Once COVID hit, the faithful “believed the science” emanating from the newly canonized St. Fauci, with his ever-changing narratives about lockdowns, masks, vaccinations, and herd immunity. Those lockdowns and masks became their talismans in this new faith — so much so that, when Trump (the faith’s Satan) was able to shepherd into production a vaccination in a remarkable amount of time, they resisted it. It was Satanic.

Only when Biden, the North Star of the Church of Science, took Trump’s vaccine program as his own, did they rush to get vaccines. This included young, physically healthy women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of a new generation of neurotic women with “generalized anxiety disorder,” anger management issues, and a deep and abiding faith in the Church of Science.

Even when vaccinated, these women clung to those masks, which showed that they were good people who cared. They ignored mounting evidence (science!) showing that masks don’t protect against infinitesimally small viral particles and may make people sick when the same mask is continuously reused. Like medieval peasants clutching a religious icon, or superstitious people carrying a rabbit’s foot, these woke women knew that these masks were “science,” and if they wore them, they would be saved.

This leads us to a peculiar pronouncement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the youngest female bishops in the Church of Science. Even though her beloved government, in the form of CDC director Rochelle Walensky says science means it’s time for vaccinated people no to abandon masks, AOC can’t give it up (emphasis added):

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she will continue to wear a face mask despite being fully vaccinated because ‘NYC got hit so hard that I think some of us are going to take time adjusting as we feel comfortable.’

Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive Democrat from New York, told her followers on Instagram that ‘if you want to keep wearing your mask then do it.’

‘Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.,’ she said.

In other words, personally, AOC’s not taking that mask off. I know I ought to pity her — she’s obviously suffering from some form of PTSD or self-inflicted Stockholm Syndrome — but I’d be lying if I said I did. AOC is part of a cadre of leftists who used masks and lockdowns to destroy 2020’s election integrity and install a pretender in the White House (and who knows how many in Congress). I’d like to imagine her living for a long time in her mental hell, one that’s a direct byproduct of her irrational Church of Science.