Biden Has MELTDOWN Like A Child After His Over Spending Bill Gets Blocked

The massive spending bill that President Joe Biden’s administration has tried to push forward would add trillions of dollars to the United States debt and cause taxes, vehicle prices, and gas prices to skyrocket. Biden’s constantly losing, whether from courts shutting down his illegal and unconstitutional policies, legislation, or executive orders, and it’s hilarious. At least to Republicans. Biden isn’t laughing at all and has gotten frustrated at America’s checks and balances system.

Senator Joe Manchin refused to vote yes for a $1.9 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill, and Biden told Manchin, “If you don’t come along, you’re f***ing me.” Biden has said many things, but for Biden to tell Machin that he’s “f***ing” him is ridiculous. That ties deep into Biden’s character. He knows that it’s destructive to plan trillions of taxpayer money for anything, much less the ridiculous infrastructure bill he’s pushing forward.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is sure to make the infrastructure bill a racial issue. Expect Pelosi to make a grand statement about the diversity of the bill and how many “people of color” it would help.

Manchin is taking all of his courage to task and going against the Democrat party. That would have been much easier in years past when tensions weren’t so high, but this new political structure is destroying America, and it’s nice to see someone go against the grain.

The information comes from a book that Bob Woodward and Robert Costa titled “Peril.” The book also claims General Mark Milley was having conversations with Chinese Generals where he assured them he would tell them if the U.S. was about to attack. The book is almost a “tell-all” of political theater that has exposed several key aspects of politics from the past year or more. Bob Woodward is an investigative journalist who has worked for many news outlets, and this book might be his best work yet.

The $1.9 trillion bills also included $400 unemployment payments for Americans, and Manchin was only okay with approving $300 unemployment payments. As businesses started opening back up and the economy was jump-starting, it’s surprising that any unemployment benefits would be available at all. It’s always seemed that Biden planned to pay for his support, and when Democrats like Manchin are stopping that, it doesn’t make the president very happy.