Biden is not up to his job’s most important requirements

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The president of the United States has many responsibilities. An essential one is to make quick and decisive decisions when confronted with a major crisis. Past presidents have handled this responsibility. It seems questionable whether Biden can do the same.

Biden constantly gets facts wrong. He confuses politicians, cities, and countries. He regularly needs his handlers to remind him what to say. He depends entirely on a teleprompter and flashcards to get him through a speech. He often seems confused as to where he is. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden mixed up Donald Trump with George W. Bush and confused his sister with his wife.

Throughout the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, Biden’s rivals commented on his mental decline. Former Housing and Urban Development secretary Julián Castro said, “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?” when debating Biden over his health care proposals. New Jersey senator Cory Booker also questioned whether Biden was fit to be president. In March 2020, Biden forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence, saying, “We hold these truths to be self-evident all men and women are created by the…oh, you know, the thing…”

Since entering the White House, Biden’s mental decline has accelerated. Just in June, during the G7 Summit, Biden repeatedly appeared confused in front of other world leaders. He tried to correct U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson for not mentioning the leader of South Africa. Johnson replied, “Yes, yes, the president of South Africa…which I said earlier.” Johnson then waved his hand at Biden as to convey that he should be quiet.

Later during the summit, Biden confused Syria with Libya multiple times during a speech and seemed to get lost on a patio during lunch. These episodes have helped produce a crisis of confidence for our country.

The dementia-ridden Biden continued to have gaffes after he went home from the summit. A reporter asked Biden whether he believed that Putin was still a killer. Biden said, “To answer that first question, I am laughing, too.” Biden then launched into an incoherent monologue.

On June 16, a reporter asked Biden, “Why are you so confident that Putin will change his behavior?” Biden insulted the reporter for asking such a question. A week later, Biden confused Tuskegee airmen with the Tuskegee syphilis study when explaining why he believed African-Americans are worried about being vaccinated. The next day, Kamala Harris needed to remind Biden to talk about the Florida condo collapse, which was the major event on that day. No wonder Joe Rogan said, “Everybody knows [Biden is] out of his mind.”

Political observers are not the only ones concerned about Biden’s health. On June 18, Obama’s and Trump’s former physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, sent a letter to Biden demanding that he take a cognitive test. In the letter, Jackson wrote:

The American people should have absolute confidence in their president. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander in Chief.


They deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader. To achieve this, we urge you to submit a cognitive test immediately.

We live in a very dangerous time. China, Russia, and North Korea are all potential threats to the U.S. and would love to see America fail. China’s military is growing larger and more muscular and seems aimed at Taiwan. Russia’s Putin has clearly taken Biden’s measure and is not impressed. North Korea could easily unleash another cyber-attack as it did with WannaCry.

If there is any major crisis in the world, Biden will have to lead. He’ll likely repeat his handlers’ words, but he will not inspire confidence. Indeed, if he is stressed, he may not even be able to convey his handlers’ message. As long as Biden is at the helm, sensible Americans will dread what could happen.