Biden launches free taxi to destination of choice for illegal migrants

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Illegal aliens are in for some gravy.

Unlike legal immigrants who must pay their own way to their final destinations in this 5,077-mile span country, the Biden administration has introduced free flights for illegals to their destination of choice. Want a free trip to Hawaii? Off you go, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers but only if you arrive in the U.S. illegally and can name someone (legal or not) there who will take you in.

According to this report from Hot Air:

Since January, according to the Washington Post, “the number of [illegal immigrant] minors in federal custody has more than tripled to 7,000” and that Health and Human Services has instructed ICE to “purchase airplane tickets and cover other transportation costs for minors whose relatives are already living in the United States.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “getting ICE to help transport migrants northward so they can be processed and released.”

I hope Mayorkas is at least negotiating a discount price on those airline tickets. The Trump administration purchased discounted tickets when it deported illegal migrants back to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The idea is to move them away from the border and further north, into other states for processing and release. Biden is moving a catch and release mandate outside of Texas as border towns are complaining of increased burdens of accomodating increasing numbers of illegal migrants, often just released into towns and cities without the ability to take care of themselves

It all may sound humane, it may temporarily relieve pressure on Texas border towns (who surprised all by voting for Trump), but it’s loaded with unintended consequences.

As Hot Air noted, this whole free-flights bennie for foreigners who break U.S. immigration law is a public relations move. Not to serve illegals exactly, but to cover up news of a failed policy and humanitarian disaster from ever reaching the public.

Biden, recall, has already abolished President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and promised amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants currently in the country. He claimed it was only for those here up to Jan. 1, but the foreigners know better. The ones entering illegally will be in on this coming amnesty through easily created trails of fraud, or else wait on the platform for the next one. This Biden stuff for them is like the subway.

And for Biden, that means news pictures, stories of “kids in cages,” expressions of public opposition (among conservatives, illegal immigration has risen to a top public concern and don’t think it’s not bleeding into independents as news of this gets out).

Yet all his administration can do is the exact thing that makes such pictures much more likely. Instead of stop illegal immigration surges, they incentivize them further in the name of this cover-up. That’s because in so doing, they create a public relations message of a very different kind: Effectively an ad, to entice in more illegals.

Free flights for illegals without so much as even a faint effort at means-testing is essentially a taxi-service for the human-smuggling syndicates and Mexican drug cartels to cut their cost structures further.

Biden’s free flights to illegals to any place in the U.S. takes considerable cost pressure off the cartels who must otherwise provide it themselves. It’s an offer so good it will likely drive smuggling fees down, particularly as Central America empties out and new markets are sought. These criminal rackets, whose love for humanity is known (/s), in turn, are bound to grow fat from the vast incentives offered and eventually threaten Mexico’s and Central America’s governments, and quite possibly ours.

As for migrants themselves, well, who wouldn’t take advantage? The Central American countries supplying the illegals are likely to be left empty of their workforces in their prime working years with all the free stuff up north, available only to those who enter illegally. People are sane and go where their best prospects are. Legal entry to America is now for suckers.

Worse still, Biden’s taxi service for cartels is only a part of the vast illegal alien support structure that keeps expanding, yet benefits only the cartels. Breitbart reports that the United Nations has set up a migrant registry for illegals to put their names on, including those who’ve already been thrown out. (Funny how these supposed poor all seem to have cell phones and computers when they need them). The UN bureaucrats are also identifying places in the U.S. in which to place these unvetted foreigners and preparing to arrange their transport:

“Hundreds of migrants signed up on Friday within hours of the launch of a U.N. website that allows migrants with active cases to register remotely to be processed at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Reuters reported. “The United States and the United Nations are evaluating the locations of migrants and costs associated with possible flights and land transportation within Mexico.”

All of this infrastructure, created to keep the matter from dominating the news, is going to fail, because news of free flights, free hotels, free meals, free vaccinations, free medical care, is only going to incentivize more people to illegally come to the U.S.

And who wouldn’t take advantage? U.S. citizenship is being handed out cheaply now. Children brought with their parents get automatic green cards. Amnesty for all is in the offing. Smuggling networks are developed and illegals even post Yelp-like ratings for which rackets offer the best customer service. Kid you not.

The free flights are expected to go out, but as murders and mayhem spread with the admission of all comers, including the cartels and gangs who benefit, any coverup is going to fail. Like the Hamburg bombing described here, too many people will know.

As Bob Gates famously said about Biden: He’s been wrong on every foreign policy front.