Biden Now “Does Not Agree” That Life Begins At Conception

Last week, Joe Biden, America’s second Catholic president, answered about the newly implemented pro-life Texas Heartbeat Act. The “devout” Catholic called the new law “un-American.”

He quickly used the latest talking point issued to the corporate press regarding the Texas law, referring to it as creating a “vigilante” system. The new law is designed to provide private citizens with the power to enforce the law through civil lawsuits and therefore helps protect the law from litigation before it is implemented.

Of course, the hysterical media takes every liberty when convenient to portray the law as creating a cloak-and-dagger ambulance-chasing litigation market when it does not do that.

Biden found his memory-challenged again in joining the corporate media’s ongoing propaganda campaign to tell everyone that “real” Americans support abortion on demand as a legal right.

By the way, thirty-three years ago, when Biden was first running for president in 1988, no one had yet started to question whether he was senile. Even then, his memory was an issue, at least as far as his college and law school transcripts and who he plagiarized was concerned.

Getting back to abortion and current events, Biden forgot his previous position about when life begins to comply with the current allowed political answer to the question.

A decades-long supporter of the Hyde amendment, which prevents federal funds for abortions, Biden said as recently as 2015 that he believes life begins at the moment of conception. Both of those long-held positions have now gone by the boards so that he might adhere to today’s permitted progressive far-left list of talking points.

The best that Biden could manage last week was to ramble about how he “did not agree” that life begins at conception. Of course, no one asked what he now believes on that question. Sadly, it is likely that his “beliefs” don’t matter much in any event, other than as a memory test of his ability to remember his assigned talking points.