Biden’s Afghanistan Crisis: ‘This Is The Worst Day By Far’

Kabul was overthrown, and the Taliban took effective control of Afghanistan a week ago today. However, throughout that week, Joe Biden, including his national security team, has supplied scant information. It looks as though they have provided even less protection for Americans or American allies stuck in Afghanistan. According to a British reporter in Kabul, the things he and experienced combat soldiers are witnessing are the worst they ever saw. Additionally, he asserts that everything is deteriorating.

To make matters worse, the Biden administration appears to be in disarray. As he is taken captive by the news, Biden’s aims fluctuate. He was meant to return to Delaware today, but he’s stayed in Washington instead. Biden postponed all press conferences on Thursday but made comments as well as took questions on Friday. As with his other remarks this week, it did not go well. He proved that he is completely disconnected from reality and believes he can mislead the people of America and the entire world.

Moreover, Afghanistan’s reality is terrible and deteriorating as a result of Biden’s actions and decisions. While Americans are trapped, he refuses to send in enough forces to exert effective authority. At the same time, the Taliban are field-testing new American military hardware and mocking the United States. In addition, both the State Department and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin categorically denied Biden’s assertion that the Taliban are allowing Americans to HKIA. However, even if President Biden, the commander in chief, is unaware, the arms of US foreign policy and national security are aware.

Therefore, this crisis might have been prevented if the United States had been the last to go from Bagram Air Base, not the first. In this way, America’s impotence to avert the ongoing conflict began. Moreover, Kamala Harris’ vacation to Singapore and Vietnam does not alter this truth since she lacks the required experience to address the issue. Harris has failed to address Biden’s border chaos. Hence, the possibility exists that Harris will remain in exile indefinitely.