Biden’s Baleful Border Betrayal

The left has laid the blame for the border crisis on their self-invented climate crisis. It raises the question of what the left will not blame on their imaginary scapegoat, climate change. However, their latest evasion is to blame the border issue they caused on the climate crisis they created. Leftists have never allowed a chance to blame a climate change issue for going to waste. However, to the left, the border disaster is not perceived to be a crisis. Because how can a proponent of open borders believe that invasions by invitation represent a crisis? It would be comparable to Democrats being upset over federal expenditures. However, this is not the case. Because if only these migrants were aware that leftist policies are on the verge of transforming America into a socialist state, which they are already attempting to escape.

In contrast, the Biden government must eliminate its gimmicks. It’s a dire scenario that’s becoming worse by the day. According to Customs and Border Protection, border apprehensions reached an all-time high in June, with more than 188,000 arrests and more than 1.1 million total for the year. Even more alarming, this is not a seasonal uptick, as Democrats claim. The number of crossings often peaks in the spring and then decreases throughout the summer. However, the number continues to rise. At this rate, the United States will break the 2006 record. President Joe Biden refuses to admit, conceal, or mislead his committed party, yet none of their answers hold water, and they are well aware of this.

It is a problem that democrats have created themselves, reversing the border policy of President Donald Trump, weakening immigration and customs enforcement, and unrolling the red carpet for illegal immigrants would scarcely prevent attempted crossings. Americans can trace these continuous crossing surges back to Biden’s abandonment of the “Remain in Mexico” policy as well as his support for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Furthermore, the left is inconsistent in its opposition to COVID-19. To them, COVID-19 infected refugees are no different than mask less left-wing riots or fleeing Texas Democratic politicians. But in reality, they’re worse than that. They are COVID-19 enablers, in this case, considering their desire to repeal Title-42, the statute Trump cited to deny admission to immigrants infected with the virus. Although they are aware and openly concede that this move would result in a new flood of migrants, Homeland Security may need to handle up to 1,200 family units each day. COVID-19 infection rates in migrant youth shelters are reported to be approximately 15% to 20%.

Therefore, amnesty is being promoted by Democrats for motives other than basic humanity. Thus their techniques are blatant. Moreover, as the left and elected Democrats, officials continue to attack relatively rational public policies, more states, and private persons, and businesses will hopefully assist themselves in combating this lunacy.