Biden’s Final Whine to the Press in Geneva

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It was, sad to say, a troubling eight days for Joe Biden’s European vacation.

What did he actually achieve? It’s not clear that he achieved much beyond embarrassing himself and us overseas in the eyes of the world.

In regard to Vladimir Putin, Biden already had given him what he wanted by caving on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline while killing our own pipelines. So he started out weak and with no leverage going into the meeting. He then got played by Putin on the question of an exchange of cybercriminals, making it seem like it was some sort of equitable issue and not just Russian criminals flat out attacking our critical industries. Then in Geneva, Biden said he warned Putin not to hit 16 different targets, as though it was cool to hit other things and basically giving Putin a target list of things that would truly hurt us. Biden also gave him credibility on the world stage by sitting with him for a photo op and not challenging him visibly, not challenging any of the propaganda that Putin pushed during his press conference. He also looked weak in that photo op, reaching for notes that he used during the meeting and smiling while the U.S. reporters got pushed around by Russian security. He even nodded yes when asked if he trusted Putin.

So, a CNN reporter had a great question for him: Why are you so confident Putin will change his behavior? Because really there’s no reason to think he should, based upon Biden’s actions or lack thereof. That’s why Biden truly lost it, he doesn’t like being challenged in any way at all.

But as he was leaving Geneva, they basically asked him the same question again, albeit with some trepidation and almost apologetically. It’s a good and important question to get an answer for. But he got snippy with them again.

According to Newsbusters, Michael Shear of The New York Times asked this question.

I think at the heart of it was this question of whether or not you seem overly optimistic given what we all listened to, President Putin essentially say the same old things that he said forever, you know, rejecting all responsibility for all that stuff. And I guess the question that she was trying to get to, and maybe you can take another stab at it, is what concrete evidence do you have from these three-plus hours that suggests that any movement has been made?

Shear quickly adds that he doesn’t mean that as a “gotcha” question. Why is he apologizing? That’s the question he should be asking Biden. Yet again, they feel they have to coddle him. Would they ever apologize for simply doing their job like that if it were President Donald Trump?

Biden then whined at them, “You never ask a positive question.” Keep in mind this is the press that tends to spin anything he says as positive. But yeah, for once they actually ask a real question and he’s miffed.

Biden continued to rant at them for not being optimistic. But truly, what has he shown that he got out of this? Putin got a lot and he was never called on any of his bad actions. What did Biden get, except embarrassment for himself and for the United States? If he went in with any objective, he can’t even say what he came out with in a concrete way to the press.