Bill Melugin’s Border Report Sinks Biden Admin Claim That ‘Most’ Who Cross Illegally Are Sent Back

When asked about the enormous number of migrants who cross the southern border into the United States, members of the Biden administration typically remark that a considerable proportion is deported back to the countries from which they came. While, according to Bill Melugin’s Border Report, a large group of 46 migrants crossed the Rio Grande in less than an hour and presented themselves to local deputies in Del Rio, Texas. He also highlighted that when he communicated with several migrants, it became clear that they were traveling from Venezuela, just as they had done the previous day.

However, when questioned about recent footage that shows large numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States despite the border being proclaimed closed, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the border is closed at the moment. He added that using the authority granted by Title 42, they are expunging single people and families from the community. However, the government of Biden has another incompetent member who looks and lies straight in the eyes of the Americans. All of these are bogus statements that the border has been guarded and shut down.

Additionally, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed earlier this year that most people who cross the border illegally, including individuals and families, are returned to their home countries. However, this was also revealed to be a collection of lies. Bill Melugin of Fox News is on the ground every day at the border. It turns out that the Biden administration’s statements that the great majority of individuals being turned away are incorrect. It’s such a mess that the Biden administration has purposefully created.