CDC Director Rejects Committee Booster Shot Ruling In Favor Of Biden Agenda

Last week, Joe Biden confirmed that he could rely on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky to follow his administration’s directives regardless of scientific recommendations blindly. Walensky overruled the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’s ruling last Friday regarding COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.

The panel ruled that booster shots could help the elderly or persons with comorbidities but did not recommend booster shots for health care workers or other persons with higher exposure risks.

When presented with the findings, Walensky decided to overrule the panel. She chose to go with an official CDC position more in line with the White House plan to start making booster shots available for all Americans by the beginning of October. 

Walensky stated that she had the authority to overrule the committee, although it was “a close scientific call.” She added that her decision was about “providing rather than withholding access.”

As Walensky bent CDC policy to fit the White House’s needs, the administration already contained damage related to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rejection of the booster shot plan. A week before the CDC ruling, an FDA panel voted 16-2 to find insufficient evidence to authorize booster shots for all age groups. The panel finally voted to authorize boosters for those 65 and older and at high risk of severe illness because of their occupation.

Several FDA officials resigned their positions and then issued a letter opposing the Biden administration’s booster shot plan. They wrote that the available evidence does not support booster shots for the general population, as the efficacy of the first two shots against severe disease “remains high.”

The Biden administration has previously acted against “the science” regarding its COVID-19 policies and recommendations. Sudden masking rule changes and bending in deference to teachers’ unions indicate the political nature of every White House decision affecting public health and virtually every part of the lives of American citizens.