Civilian Climate Corps: AOC’s New Plan to Force Unions on Kids

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A “civilian climate corps” is exactly what’s needed in a time of rising inflation, declining productivity, and when we have a military that can’t even put on its combat boots without first getting a lecture on the systemic racism underlying bootlaces.

We’re saved!

That’s according to Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Planet Wambino), at a congressional hearing last week in which she complained about everything from college debt to economic decline.

AOC sees a future when a unionized “civilian climate corps” will put people to work ” with “no age limit to participation” on “the externalities of climate change, in reforesting land, in carbon mitigation.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on (and on):

“We have a student loan crisis, a housing crisis, a climate crisis … how on earth can we possibly overcome this? I think one of the ways that we overcome it is by being one of the most unionized workforces and unionized generations in American history. By collecting our power as workers in the economy, we can take our futures back.”

The tricky part? The work done by her civilian climate corps is “not profitable.”

Exactly how we’re supposed to get back to the “thriving economy” the U.S. had “when we were kids,” according to AOC, while indulging in multibillion-dollar money-losing boondoggles, is a question best left to a Boston University-trained economics major.

Despite the easy-to-mock dumbskullery behind Ocasio-Cortez’s initiative, as always, there is a method to her seeming madness.

She tacitly admitted in that same hearing that her civilian climate corps is less about saving the environment than it is about indoctrinating young people and forcing unionization.

In addition to basically drafting young people (in violation of child labor laws) to plant trees, “What’s important about the civilian climate corps is that it is an on-ramp, and it can function as an on-ramp to unionization, when we plug this in with union labor,” she said.

When progressives say that they want to put children to work to further progressive pet causes, believe them.