Cori Bush Is Enraged That SCOTUS Agrees With Biden On Eviction Moratorium

The Supreme Court removed the CDC’s eviction moratorium late Thursday. Cori Bush was upset at the situation. The effort she made to encourage President Biden to extend an unconstitutional mandate was not enough to persuade the Supreme Court. However, keep in mind the time when Bush and several other communists camped out on the steps of the Capitol for several days? Her squad lobbied Congress to reconvene as well as approve a rent-control measure.

Moreover, while the Senate was still discussing the ludicrous “infrastructure” proposal, elderly Democrats seeking to appease their party’s far-left constituency paid a visit for photographs. Bush’s Twitter account is filled with selfies wearing makeup. There is a selfie of her in the rain with an umbrella. The rain did not fall in torrents, though. The daytime temperatures were in the mid-80s to high-90s, while the night time temperatures were in the high-60s. The East Coast is experiencing its typical summer weather. Missouri may be different, as there she was required to bring an umbrella.

The white house, in a statement, claimed that the first response of this government to Bush, as well as the radical left-wing caucus to prolong the restriction on collection of the rent, was justified. President Biden would have warmly supported the CDC’s decision to extend this eviction moratorium to protect renters at this period of increased danger. Additionally, the White House added that it is unfortunate that the Supreme Court has determined that this alternative is no longer possible. Nevertheless, Biden changed his stance following the slumber parties. Whenever he directed the CDC to prolong the prohibition, he admitted that it was a last-ditch effort. In response to a question concerning the Court’s prior remark, he stated, “By the time it is litigated, it will very certainly provide some more time.” For want of a better phrase, the administration would continue to engage in this illegal activity until the Court ordered them to cease. In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court concurred with Biden’s first view and terminated the prohibition.

The primary criticism leveled against the SCOTUS decision is that it was not unanimous. The CDC lacks the authority to supervise real estate contracts. The FDA was unable to provide national guidelines on virus mitigation during the outbreak. It made recommendations, and it should have been the end of it. Bush could bring up the fact that the three liberal justices submitted to political pressure. The remaining six judges agreed with the plaintiffs on the importance of private property rights.

Additionally, in 2020 and 2021, Congress approved about $50 billion in COVID rental aid. Bush may address the issue of distribution delay. Affordability of housing is not guaranteed, and no legislation may compel property owners to allow settlers to remain on their property. Therefore, indeed, as Biden said, even new legislation is unlikely to pass.