DeSantis Keeps ‘Heat’ On Biden Administration By Citing the Science Of Natural COVID Immunity

The Biden White House has been consistently and willfully ignorant when questioned about the viability of natural immunity to COVID-19 acquired through the previous infection. The topic was noticeably absent in the discussion when Joe Biden announced his new vaccine mandate rules last week.

Administration COVID frontman Dr. Anthony Fauci has also avoided answering questions about natural immunity other than by saying he “doesn’t know” if natural immunity is viable. All of this failure to commit comes even as multiple studies and real-world experience show that naturally acquired immunity is more robust and long-lasting than the protection offered by the vaccines.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out against the Biden vaccination mandates earlier this week, arguing that the mandates are “not about science.” He said that if they were, there would be a recognition of the immunity provided by the previous infection. DeSantis cited studies performed by Israel and the Cleveland Clinic that show the more excellent protection offered by natural immunity.

The governor added that he doesn’t support vaccine mandates in any event. Still, if someone were following actual science in ordering a mandate, they would acknowledge the value of natural immunity. His response to the White House’s decision to ignore naturally acquired immunity indicated that the motive was to use government power more than follow medical science.

Explaining the reasoning behind the Democrat refusal to acknowledge the power of natural immunity means looking at the true motivations of the left in imposing strict controls over the right of Americans to make their own medical decisions and peaceably assemble. One must also consider the financial incentives regarding the procurement and distribution of vaccines from the approved pharmaceutical companies throughout the country and internationally.

Admitting that the scientific process indicates that tens of millions of Americans do not need the vaccine currently would run afoul of significant parts of the Democratic agenda for whatever time is left to the Biden administration and the party’s control of Congress.