Disturbing Details Emerging About Afghan Evacuees From Kabul Airport

The inability of President Joe Biden to keep his commitment to pull all Americans out of Afghanistan before the final evacuation of all U.S. armed personnel is well known. Along with the still unspecified number of American citizens stranded in the war-torn country, the administration left thousands of Afghan interpreters, allies, and Special Immigration Visa holders.

Rather than an orderly and safe withdrawal of personnel through a secure Bagram Air Base, the chaotic rush of humanity on the Kabul airport led to the airlifting of around 124,000 people in the center of a deadly terror attack and endless harassment surrounding the airport.

Since a small minority of the thousands who were evacuated were Americans or SIV holders, we still have only a vague idea of who all the people are that we prioritized above citizens. What we are learning about them as the days go by is troubling.

A large and unknown number of the evacuees were assisted under the “parole” power of the Department of Homeland Security, which means they are being transported for “humanitarian reasons” and not because they demonstrated any allegiance or prior assistance to the U.S.

The massive airlift laid out another misrepresentation of the Biden administration. The public was promised that every person being evacuated was being vetted in advance. We now know that a convicted rapist who was quickly identified was allowed into the U.S. before being flagged.

We are now learning that around 10,000 out of 30,000 already in the U.S. need additional screening. The “additional screening” is necessary even though the State Department promised that every evacuee underwent a “rigorous vet” before leaving Afghanistan.

At least 100 evacuees have been found to have terrorist organization connections, but only after they have landed in the U.S. Some have been removed to Kosovo for further vetting because of the level of security concerns that have been raised.

Fortunately, Kosovo is willing to host this “additional screening” process, as several other nations have refused out of concern with getting stuck with the U.S. security problems.

Some overseas U.S. transit sites are also dealing with evacuees who require additional screening. Many of these people either destroyed their official identification or lied about their identity to get out of Afghanistan, hoping they could later qualify for immigration.

The State Department also seeks “urgent guidance” from other federal agencies after underage Afghan girls have been presented to immigration officials as the wives of much older men in the evacuation group. Girls presented at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin were forced to “marry” the men who raped them.

We can expect more news to emerge about the thousands of Afghans that Joe Biden rushed out of Afghanistan as Americans struggling to reach the Kabul airport were left behind.