Donald Trump Jr. Devastating Tweet Sums Up How ‘HORRIBLE’ Biden’s Address To Nation Was

After the bomb-blasts at Kabul Airport, the world was expecting Biden to take immediate action. But after the incident had taken place, Biden was silent for the initial few hours, as if he was attempting to hide from the public eye. After a few hours, the U.S. President finally decided to address the media about the Afghan crisis. The bombings at Kabul airport cost the lives of 12 service members of the U.S. Army deployed to Afghanistan. Not only this, but the incident has led to many U.S. service members being severely injured and to numerous casualties among the civilians as well.

But Biden’s address to the media after this incident was a sheer representation of how terrified and utterly confused he was of the situation that is now unfolding in Afghanistan. Biden begins his address with the remarks of “Tough Day,” which was followed by other strong and courageous words that completely opposed his body language, as he appeared weak, scared, and precarious. It seems as if he was trying to mask his apparent weakness and instability with his words but failed to do so. Biden went on to say, “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay”, which was succeeded by him taking questions from the press. As the media showered Biden with their concerns about the blasts, the lost lives of U.S. citizens, and the growing instability in Afghanistan, Biden looked flustered and weak, as he continued to hold his folder in front of his chest, as if he was attempting to use it as a shield to hide from the crisis that he has to deal with.

In this moment of weakness, endless pictures of Biden from his interview were circulated across the internet, with people noticing his body language in the current situation. One such photo was shared by Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, describing how Biden was nothing but weak. Trump Jr.’s post is nothing but an honest representation of the situation that is currently unfolding.