Elder ‘Turning Up Heat’ On Newsom As California Recall Election Nears

Leading Republican replacement candidate Larry Elder has been actively discussing the sad state of Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration as Tuesday’s recall election approaches.

Elder spoke on Labor Day at a rally in one of California’s remaining Republican strongholds, the 25th Congressional District, including Lancaster and Antelope Valley in northern Los Angeles County. He told the enthusiastic crowd that Newsom had “shut down this state while ignoring science” while incurring a wine tab of “at least $12,000” at the French Laundry restaurant in the Bay Area.

Elder also slammed Newsom for his hypocrisy for failing to wear a mask or social distance in public and sending his children to private schools while issuing lockdown orders affecting almost every business and public school student in the state.

The talk radio host, a black man who grew up in South Central L.A. and attended Crenshaw High School, described the state’s pitiful track record in public education. He told how 75 percent of black boys could not read at proficiency levels before the pandemic began. He added that math scores are even worse, with only 2 percent proficiency in math for all students at his old high school.

Elder promised that he would immediately press for school choice for California families if elected. He knew the teachers’ unions would oppose him since school choice breaks the “stranglehold” that Democrats have on minority voters.

He also talked about the massive number of businesses that have either closed or moved out of California because of high taxes, regulations, and pandemic lockdowns rules. He cited a study showing more businesses left the state in the first six months of this year than in 2020.

Elder said that because of California’s competitive disadvantages, millionaires and billionaires are moving away and “taking their taxes with them” to states like Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

He described the rising homelessness, crime, and energy costs that have come to pass under Democratic leadership. He explained how Newsom required the release of “20,000 convicted felons, many of whom were violent offenders,” while crime skyrocketed in virtually every large California city.

The recall election will take place on September 14th, with polls closing at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Every registered voter in the state received an official ballot that had to be completed and submitted by mail. These ballots must be postmarked or produced to a dropbox by Election Day.