Et Tu Bern? Sanders Is Not Happy With Joe Biden Not Picking Him for Anything Yet

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You had to know this was coming. First, the former bartender from New York popped off about Joe Biden not treating her progressive cohorts with fun stuff to do in a hopeful Biden administration and now the original GET OFF MY LAWN two-time loser for the Democratic nomination is sounding off.

Thankfully Joe forgets that people are mad at him really quickly.

While Joe Biden is picking people to fill positions in his cabinet it seems that the progressive part of the Democratic party otherwise known as all of it, is getting prickly with the father of Hunter. Such a shame.

According to Business Insider…

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out President-elect Joe Biden, saying he thinks Biden isn’t doing enough to support progressive policies.

After winning the Democratic primaries over Sanders, progressives rallied behind Biden in the November election against President Donald Trump. The Electoral College affirmed Biden’s win in the 2020 election on Monday, though Trump still has yet to concede.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Sanders urged Biden to do more for the “progressive movement in this country” and have their voices be heard in the upcoming administration.

“Remember, I was the runner-up to Biden, and we got a few votes, Elizabeth Warren got a few votes. A number of progressives won seats to Congress,” Sanders said. “Those voices of millions and millions of people deserve representation in the Biden cabinet. And if you’re asking me if I’ve seen that at this point, I haven’t.”

Bernie, you were the runner-up TWICE. What that means is you get a nice seat at an inauguration party and maybe a plaque but you don’t get to sit at the table necessarily for policy. Did no one on team Bernie think this through before they signed the blood contract back in March? Did Bernie Sanders really fall for the old Joe Biden back pat and the sniff of his hair to really think if Biden were to get to select people that Sanders would rate?

Oh sure, Kamala will call Bern every once in a while and ask how his bunions are doing but they are not going to actually care enough to give you prominent seats at the table. That is because you lost. Most of the Democrats in power positions could care less what Bernie and the bartender think.

Now do not get me wrong here, Biden is going to be a progressive nightmare. The people he has picked so far are a horror movie of failed policy initiatives from the past 30 years. Yet the time for needing Bernie Sanders and AOC is over and they can go on as many programs as they want to offer their complaints or even the occasional compliment.

Even if Biden remembered it, he would still not care.