‘Fact Check’: Ted Cruz Lowers the Boom on WaPo’s Glenn Kessler for Gratuitous Swipe at Trump Over Job Losses

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The Washington Post’s resident fact checker Glenn Kessler thought it would be a cool thing to take a gratuitous swipe at President Trump by comparing what Trump said at the State of the Union in February about the unemployment rate to the country’s economic downturn in the midst of the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

In a series of tweets, Kessler noted Trump’s remarks about the low unemployment rate at the time “did not age well” when you look at the situation on the ground now:

It was a really bad look, especially when you consider that the mainstream media were among the biggest cheerleaders for governors implementing shelter in place orders and other drastic measures related to trying to keep “non-essential” workers at home in order to flatten the curve, measures which forced businesses to drastically cut hours and lay off employees, or shut down completely.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took note of Kessler’s bizarre victory lap on the issue of job losses and lowered the boom:

When Kessler tried to claim he wasn’t gleeful, Cruz turned the tables on him by giving him four Pinocchios:

Heh. Spot on.

Yours truly took Kessler to the woodshed on this, too, after reading his tweets Saturday night:

Was I a little mad? No, I was a lot mad, because just hours before that I had done an analysis of how Kessler frequently retweets left wing claims about the Trump administration’s handling of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak without checking to see if they’re accurate first.

In the cases I examined, they weren’t. What that told me is that Kessler is using his platform as a supposedly objective fact checker to uncritically pass along information from left wing sources that is … at best misleading, and at worst not true at all.

Coupled with the unnecessary, sometimes deceptive dunks on Trump, and the error-filled fact checks against other Trump figures, Kessler’s actions represent the antithesis of how a dedicated fact checker should operate, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from him, sadly.