First Biden t-shirts, now Kamala Harris children’s books handed out to border surgers

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The Biden administration is loud and insistent that its dinner-triangle policies have nothing to do with the migrant surge rolling through our southern border. Never mind what the President of Mexico says, Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, are adamant.

“The truth is, nothing has changed,” Biden told the nation in a national address. Explaining the surge, Biden claimed: “I’d like to think it’s because I’m a nice guy, but it’s not.” He insisted that the surgers were just seasonal surgers, nothing to do with his recission of President Trump’s migration treaties with Mexico and Central America, nor his attempt to halt funding for the border wall, or his promise to the migrants themselves that if they enter as unaccompanied children dumped off by human smugglers in the desert or entering through a border wall hole in a high-speed car chase, they won’t be sent back. Nothing to see here, move along.

Now that the illegal migrants are fanning out across the country, they’re not just getting free Biden t-shirts on the Mexico side, they’re getting free “welcome packets” at a new Long Beach migrant shelter as a reward for their illegal entry, like a party favor for making it across, and certainly a sales tool for human smugglers to use to whip up more “business” to keep the surge coming.

Don’t come here now, say Joe, but if you do, start with this welcome packet here in Long Beach.

Who is doing the welcoming? Well, perhaps the packet itself will offer a clue: It includes not only a new backpack, shoes, toiletries, and clothing, but a 2019 children’s book with a retail value of $17.99, authored by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris, titled “Superheroes are Everywhere.”

Which is a little ironic, given that Kamala is nowhere near the border herself. Whoever these superheroes are that appear “everywhere,” Kamala is not one of them in a border crisis. She’s made herself scarce and was last seen shilling Joe Biden’s $3 trillion infrastructure deal in New Hampshire with protestors chanting that she went to the wrong border.

Maybe she could have titled it this:


More seriously, who paid for this $17.99 book to hand out to every illegal border surger that Biden is welcoming into the country? How many were handed out? If it was a thousand kids at the Long Beach facility, that could mean $17,990 for Kamala’s bankbook assuming the books were only handed out there alone. The New York Post, which broke the story and has a great cover, reported that no one at the Long Beach center wanted to say.

Well, someone paid. And someone connected to the Bidenites doesn’t want you to know.

It’s as mysterious a purchase as the Biden t-shirts being worn by thousands of illegals who demanded to be allowed into the U.S.

It does point to a pretty strong possibility of corruption, for one. Book deals with their big payouts and large buying orders, have been endless sources of corruption since at least the 1990s.

And it certainly resembles what the Democrat mayor of Baltimore was successfully prosecuted for last year – her “Healthy Holly” series – and last April she checked in for a three-year stretch in federal prison for that book scheme.

Remember this?

[Baltimore Mayor Catherine] Pugh’s political fall began in March when The Baltimore Sun revealed she had entered into a no-bid deal with the University of Maryland Medical System, where Pugh sat on the board of directors, to buy 100,000 copies of her sloppily self-published “Healthy Holly” books for $500,000. She later resigned from the board and as mayor amid multiple investigations into her finances and the book sales. In total, she netted more than $850,000, prosecutors say.

At the same time, she failed to print thousands of copies, double-sold thousands more and took many others to use for self-promotion, according to prosecutors. Investigators also uncovered that she laundered illegal campaign contributions and failed to pay taxes.

Based on this book stunt, about which Kamala claims to know nothing (a typical claim for her), she appears to have taken that Baltimore incident not as a cautionary tale, but as a how-to guide.

Surge in, and somehow, it gets profitable for Kamala, who benefits from these book sales, which incidentally are rather useless to the migrants, given that they are written in a language the migrants don’t understand, but could work a propaganda tool based on the byline. Can you imagine what the press would say if, say, Ivanka Trump, were to pull a book-sales stunt like this on some pet cause of hers?

The press of course, reports nothing about this incredibly suspicious matter, but obviously, someone is buying the books, which financially benefit Kamala, and then distributing the books as keepsakes for every illegal managing to break into the country. It almost looks like a plot to propagandize them actually, for a profit, and turn them early into Democrat voters. Win-win-win-win.

Who might be behind this book-for-profit scheme? It has the look of the other money-making schemes done by Kamala’s greedy relatives, such as Meena Harris, who was warned by Joe to quit trying to cash in on the vice president’s name, as she blithely ignored the old foof. Even the book itself purportedly written by Kamala Harris, looks a hell of a lot like Meena’s own kid book, and on Amazon, the two are sold together as a packet with another book for $38.04. It’s enough to make one wonder about the actual authorship of this book, making one wonder if it was just put out there as a money-making tool for Kamala. To be fair, the graphics, which appear similar, are done by two different artists, and the publishers are different, but the formulaic likeness of the two books remains still uncanny.

In any case, Victory Girls took their hand to some creative writing and offered some helpful suggestions for future works to Kamala, based on the gagworthy content of her children’s book — I’ll post just a portion, click to read the whole thing:

Gag me with a spoon. With the exception of the border patrol agents who found them in the desert or loaded them on the bus to go to the holding facility while the kids are processed, I am sure these kids cannot identify with any of Kammie’s superheroes. And, interestingly, the friendly neighborhood cop is not in her list of superheroes.

How about a demotivational book,”Supervillains Are Everywhere”. For instance:

“Mom and Dad” – Mom and Dad who sold me for the third time to a single, male adult who wanted to cross the Southern Border.