Florida Diner Tells Biden Supporters To ‘Take Their Business Elsewhere’ And Runs Out Of Food

Angie Ugarte owns the DeBary Diner in DeBary, Florida. The small eatery was forced to close on Thursday when a surge in business caused the kitchen to run out of food. Following the administration’s disastrous withdrawal of American armed personnel from Afghanistan, Ugarte hung a notice on her front door imploring fans of Joe Biden to take their business elsewhere.

The sign asked anyone who voted for and supported the “worthless, inept, and corrupt” administration to eat somewhere else.

Ugarte told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that she had received calls from people worldwide trying to buy meals for military veterans. She said that she is still trying to organize a way to handle those donations. She said she thinks veterans will be “fed for the rest of the year” at the rate of receiving assistance.

She said that she has also had numerous veterans visit her diner in the last few days expressing support for the sign she posted. Rod Phillips told Ugarte that he wanted to come and thank her personally. A decorated veteran injured in Vietnam said that he did not “wish war on anybody,” but there was a proper way to withdraw troops from war-torn Afghanistan. Ugarte maintains a wall inside the diner with pictures of service members and military decor dedicated to “Our Local Heroes.”

Ugarte’s sign has received a good deal of hostility on social media, which is, of course, to be expected in today’s political climate. She said that she also received some bomb threats and death threats, although most feedback is favorable.

She maintains that her message is in support of veterans and is not political. She insists that President Donald Trump did the same thing in leaving Afghanistan. She would post the same sign. She said posting the movement “was the only thing I felt like I could do.”

She added that she was angry and let down after the suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport and felt like one of the mothers, wives, or sisters who would get the news that a loved one had been killed in action.

After posting the sign, the restaurant saw such a rush in business that it ran out of food and had to close down for the day on Thursday as a result. After restocking in anticipation of more heavy demand, the diner reopened on Friday.