Gavin Newsom May Be Next Democrat Governor To Face An Early Exit

While the corporate media’s attention has been captured by the resignation of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on August 10, the Democratic Party of California may be planning to sacrifice another high-profile governor in a similar attempt at disaster control.

Jazz Shaw wrote at Hot Air on Monday that Governor Gavin Newsom may be much less of a liability to Democrats in California if he can be convinced to resign in advance of his recall election scheduled for September 14.

The latest polling data should be very concerning for both Newsom and his party as the election approaches. New results from last week show that a slim majority of likely California voters favor voting for his removal from office.

Newsom received either a “D” or “F” grade on California’s homeless problem from 57 percent of respondents in a recent Public Opinion Strategies poll. He got the same “D” or “F” score from 49 percent regarding managing the cost of living in the state.

In as much as most blue state polling is reliably low on solid Republican support, and in light of recent moves of undecided independent voters into the “recall” column, things may be turning very bad for Newsom indeed.

As was the case with Cuomo, California Democrats would likely accept throwing Newsom over the side in a bad situation, so long as they could designate his replacement. However, if a majority votes in favor of the recall, the Democrats will lose the governorship to one Republican running in the crowded field of contenders.

The leading Republican contender, Larry Elder, is seen as an especially dangerous candidate by the Democrats. Elder is a true conservative and is not a Republican-in-name-only. His veto power under the California constitution is seen as an actual threat by progressive legislators.

If Newsom could be convinced to step down, the recall election would instantly become moot and canceled under state law. The governor’s office would pass to Deputy Governor Eleni Kounalakis, and the threat of another recall before the next general election would vanish.

It isn’t likely that the impeachment of Newsom will come from the Democrats in control of the state legislature, and it would be next to impossible for the process to develop before the election. However, the ultimate legal trump card could be resignation, as there is probably nothing that Republicans could do in that event to keep a recall election alive.

It should be fascinating to watch the polling numbers come in as the election draws near.