GOP Starts Linking Biden To Down-Ballot Democrats Hoping To Flip State Legislatures

The worst place to be right now is a Democrat moving into the 2022 mid-term election after having any support for President Joe Biden. Biden’s approval rating is dropping with Republicans and Democrats. Different sources have noted Biden’s approval rating from 40% to 49%, but what’s important to note is that Biden got more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, supposedly. Where is the steam that Biden generated on his campaign trail? It was never there. People didn’t vote for Biden because they loved him, they voted for him because they hated former President Donald Trump.  

Now that we’re inching closer to 2022 and the midterm elections, Democrats have to watch themselves. Some are opposing Biden, but some are still supportive of his policies. The biggest issue in the 2022 midterm election is going to be Covid-19 mandates and gun control. Those are the two hot topics that states have gone up against and in recent federal courts, at least two widely known gun control measures have been overturned. One in Virginia which overturned the ban of pistol purchases for 18 to 21-year-old’s and California’s AR-15 ban where the judge compared the AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife. Both are huge wins for the second amendment.  

The other is Covid-19 mandates. The country is divided between the mask and Covid-19 mandates, especially in the workplace and at events. Even those who are pro-vaccine are anti-mandate because there’s an understanding that Americans have medical freedom. The Covid-19 vaccines that are available aren’t approved by the FDA, the approval from the FDA was given to Comirnaty which isn’t yet available in the U.S. regardless of what the federal government has said. If the other vaccines were FDA approved then Biden’s administration would be able to mandate the vaccine and not rely on other agencies, like OSHA, who may not even have the authority to mandate the vaccine.  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been used for campaign ads that target many Democrat candidates to thwart their chances of getting elected. Alex Askew, a Democrat serving in the Virginia House of Delegates, said in the ad that he stands with Washington liberals, which isn’t a good thing. Washington liberals are so far off when it comes to American law and Constitutionality that they are going against the Supreme Court and actively breaking the law. The eviction moratorium is a perfect example. Biden gave the CDC control over the evictions during the pandemic and even when the Supreme Court said he couldn’t, Biden said that appeal processes will extend his ability to do so.  

Virginia, being a primarily red state, will give Americans a voice close to Washington, D.C, and replace the Democrat-run state representatives if enough people are willing to go vote. The Democrats have a lose-lose situation going for them because of Biden’s actions as well as their own actions will lose the power and control over states across the country. At that point Biden’s impeachment hearings will go through with a Republican-controlled House and Senate leading to a necessary move to get Biden out of office. Even though Harris would be the president, it’s essential to show that Biden’s actions won’t be tolerated.