Gov. Cuomo Indicates He Would Have Won Impeachment And ‘Made The State Legislature, Look Like A Ship Of Fools’

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who had been running the office since 2011, was convicted for sexual harassment against him by several female employees. According to the report, he had touched the females inappropriately, made sexual advances, and slurred suggestive remarks that made the working environment hostile for the women.

In a speech announcing his resignation, Cuomo confidently said that he was resigning because he loved the state, and his resignation was the best thing for it. He stated that his decision to leave was a rather good one for the state because he would’ve emerged victorious after the impeachment, making the legislature and the government look like a ship of fools, despite immense pressure to resign after the report’s release that stated that Cuomo was found guilty of the counts leveled against him. He left to be effective, yet he had the nerve to say that he did the right thing for the government. He denied all charges against him, stating that it might be his casual conduct that was misunderstood. He made it seem like he did a favor to the state by not sticking around till the impeachment, or he would’ve been victorious.

The impeachment was called off against Cuomo as he resigned because, according to the constitution, an elected governor who is no longer in office can not be impeached. The purpose of an impeachment investigation was to determine whether or not Cuomo should remain in office, but his resignation has resolved that problem.

Cuomo will be replaced by Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, the first woman ever to be serving as the Governor of the Empire state. She has already declared her intentions of running again next year during the Gubernatorial Elections.