Governor Ron DeSantis Leads In The Fight Against COVID-19, Still Gets Attacked

There’s no doubt by now that DeSantis is not afraid of the Democrats or the Media or even the mandates imposed by the government. He is set on going by his ways and refuses to go on by conventional methods. DeSantis has refused to abide by the mandate that requires the students in the schools to wear masks. He is the one to ensure complete freedom for the people of Florida, whether they choose to get vaccinated or not.

While the Biden Administration is set on imposing vaccine mandates, refusing services to those who refuse to get the vaccine, and even starting the door-to-door vaccine drive, DeSantis chose to do otherwise. In 2020, he tried his best not to have the schools under complete lockdown. Moreover, he organized the fastest and smartest vaccine drive in the state of Florida. He got the elderly and vulnerable to get their shots first and used mobile vans to make the process faster. As of now, the total vaccination rate in the state is 86 percent, with 18 years and above having had at least one dose. He has also indicated the importance of vaccines in all of his public addresses, but despite that, not once did he force the people of Florida to get vaccinated or deny them services.

Despite the recent surge in Covid positive cases due to the Delta variant, DeSantis strives to keep the schools and educational institutions from lockdowns and refuse mandates, and so do many other southeastern states. But the only two people who come under fire by the media and the government are Governor DeSantis and Governor Gregg Abbott. Both have been steadfast in the battle against pandemics, and Abbott is also dealing with the migrant influx.

DeSantis announced recently, to counter the Delta Variant, the launch of monoclonal antibody units to prevent the rate of positivity. He said that these antibodies’ infusions will be given to high-risk patients and is advised by the NIH to provide the therapy. But we do not see any of the democratic government allies talking about this or hear Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Rochelle Walensky mention it anywhere. He is the first to take this highly effective treatment into action, yet he is being criticized for using up a lot of budget for such an expensive treatment. But, not to forget, the trillions of dollars spent by the government last year in the name of the government that nobody likes to talk about.