Hannity Rails Biden Over Afghanistan: ‘We Don’t Have A President Seemingly Aware And Capable Of Leading’

According to Fox News host Sean Hannity, who addressed his audience on Friday, the situation on the ground seems gloomy six days after Taliban terrorists gained control of Afghanistan. Hannity highlighted his ‘heartbreak’ at the predicament of American citizens and Afghan comrades trapped within hostile territory. According to a document acquired by The Wall Street Journal, almost two dozen US officials warned Secretary of State Antony Blinken in July that the country faced a Taliban takeover. Furthermore, According to the host Hannity, the Biden administration ignored that deadly warning, putting thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of our Afghan partners at grave risk.

Moreover, Hannity criticized Biden for being absent as well as mysteriously vanished in action. He also stated that the President had disregarded every clear warning that this would happen. In addition, Hannity also criticized the President’s words during today’s press conference, referring to the President’s remarks as factual inaccuracies. It is believed that Biden is a withering frail husk of a human being who openly prioritizes his interests over those of his fellow Americans overseas. Hannity also examined how the media covered Biden’s departure from Afghanistan and how the media’s once-favorable tone toward the President has shifted.

Subsequently, Hannity added that it’s very tragic that even Joe’s liberal media allies are unable and unwilling to protect him. According to the reports, Biden asked them to proceed to the airport immediately. Another media outlet stated that he asked them to trust the Taliban. They will secure their safety as they pass across the nation. Similarly, another highlighted that Biden is pleading with citizens to accept the beatings and risk their lives. Therefore, the host of Hannity’s Fox News show claimed that their fellow Americans are in grave peril currently behind hostile territory.