Huge rally in Michigan for the most unexpected cause

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What if “the narrative” is completely wrong? The question hit me in April as I read an AT post by Thomas Lifson that democrat pollsters “admit ‘major errors’ as they struggle to survive evidence that polls are now worthless.”

For me, evidence that “the narrative” isn’t accurate came Saturday afternoon in the beautiful sunshine of Northern Michigan off the Lake Michigan coast as thousands of Michigan deplorables braved 90-degree temperatures and assembled to support an audit of Michigan’s November election. The event was pure “Trumpicana” as even the inflatable Trump seemed to dance to “YMCA” in the background.

Whatever his future, President Trump has come to personify powerful revolt to the entire liberal project. He’s the unquestioned actual and spiritual leader of a movement. There’s a rare emotional attachment to him. Make no mistake: every Washington politician craves the loyalty Trump enjoys.

Methinks the giant has been roused. These are the folks who make the country run — from business owners to workers to retirees, men, women, a vast cross-section of Americans who’ve never before been active in politics. No wonder the leadership of both parties is scared. Who could have imagined such a rally? What political leader would dare invite thousands to pay $20 per person to meet outdoors on a hot June Saturday, at an out-of-the-way location, hundreds of miles from a major city to rally for an audit of an election?

And yet they came.

They are angry. They know that their sacred right to vote has been stolen from them. They’re well beyond a deep skepticism of the establishment. Hundreds of signatures were collected demanding that the Michigan Senate move forward with an Arizona-style forensic audit. They know that Wayne Country elections have always been fraudulent, but this time it cost them their president, and they are angry, and they’re turning their anger into involvement.

These folks have largely been invisible to the pollsters.

Not anymore.