Hunter Biden Demanded $2 Million Fee To Assist With Releasing Libyan Funds

According to bombshell reporting from Business Insider, Hunter Biden asked for a $2 million payment as a “retainer” to assist with the recovery of Libyan assets frozen by the Obama administration when his father was serving as vice president.

The report is based on emails that were not found on the infamous hard drive of the laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. Business Insider stated that it found the emails while working on reporting an unrelated matter.

The emails reveal that the president’s son requested the payment as a retainer and for “success fees” in assisting with the recovery of $15 billion in Libyan assets. The U.S. government froze the property during the time Muammar Gaddafi was still in control of Libya.

The younger Biden proposed going through Sam Jauhari, a Democratic donor acting as an intermediary, to obtain the release of the assets. In an email dated January 28, 2015, Jauhari asked that only a close circle of people be involved in the dealings. The email expressed that it was essential to maintain confidentiality, as Joe Biden was considering a run for president. 

The need for confidentiality was described again in an email dated February 26, 2016, because of the “sensitivities surrounding their involvement.”

Jauhari emphasized Hunter Bidens’s connections with his father, John Kerry, and high-ranking officials with the Treasury and State Departments. He said that Hunter’s father had control of the “Libya file” inside the Obama White House.

The emails also demonstrate Hunter Biden’s willingness to rely on his father’s political position and connections to facilitate the release of the frozen assets. Jauhari wrote that Hunter had connections “everywhere in Europe and Asia” and at the “highest level” in China due to his relationship with his father.

In the emails to Sheikh Mohammed Al-Rahbani, Juahari did acknowledge that although Hunter was well-connected, his habits could be of concern. 

Jauhari said that among the “headaches” presented by Hunter were that he was “alcoholic,” a “drug addict,” and was dismissed from the military “for cocaine.” Hunter was also described as “chasing low-class hookers” and “constantly needing money.”

An attorney told Business Insider for Al-Rahbani that his client has never spoken to Hunter Biden and “has no recollection” of ever discussing him with anyone else.