Is It Possible For The Biden Presidency To Last Much Longer?

When Biden won the 2020 presidential elections, the democrats and majority of the voters celebrated with joy. When his removal from the office was unthinkable, it is now under discussion by members of his administration and the democratic party. Biden has started to lose the support of the major allies that helped him with the elections.

The Democratic officeholders are starting to realize that they risk losing the next elections if Biden continues on his path. His ill-planned policies are constantly deteriorating America’s image globally and are even leading the Democrats to rethink their alliances. The voters in Connecticut that supported Biden have now elected a Republican in a special election Tuesday. In Connecticut and Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan, it has happened in some of the country’s wealthiest suburban constituencies. The voters in these cities are the ones that previously viewed Trump as an incompetent, ignorant leader who made a fool out of himself in front of the European allies but more and more such voters are shifting sides as Parliament holds Biden in contempt for Afghanistan Debacle.

Ever since the failure in Afghanistan, Biden has been hiding from the public and even his European allies, including UK’s Prime Minister Borris Johnson. The latter waited 36 hours for a call from Biden. An utter moment of humiliation for the administration was when the French and UK deployed forces in Kabul to rescue their citizens. At the same time, the United States advised American people in Kabul to make their way to airports. This heinous scenario has compelled the Democrats to change their allegiances.

In another instance, Biden has also refused to blame himself and publicly declared that the intelligence gave him no warning whatsoever that the chaotic situation was inevitable. The Democrats’ pet media like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN get information leaks from the Intelligence Community. Still, they, too, have decided to stop looking the other way.

According to a published source, Vice President Kamala Harris has planned to reach the Cabinet members and have Biden removed from office under 25th Amendment, declaring him unfit to carry out his role as the President. If Biden gets released, then Harries will presume his part, but it needs a two-thirds majority vote in the congress to make the removal permanent. But it is doubtful that Biden will get removed or even agree to the verdict. But let’s say that he decides to leave after the humiliating set of events, the nation will be vulnerable enough for the enemies to take advantage.