Jeb Bush’s Woke Tweet About the Olympics Is Shockingly Anti-American

Jeb Bush has been the least of the Bush’s for, arguably, his whole life. But the only real Bush was George H. W. Bush. All others are liberals.

Jeb decided to take his stand for immigration by tweeting, “I wonder how our medal totals would be if we have an exclusionary immigration system which we have had for the last few years. My heart swells for all of our medalists, including those whose families have come from far lands to love our country.”

What a hero. Jeb severely lost the Republican primary because he’s doubtful by the Republican party and the Democratic party because of his Republican affiliation. There’s an old saying that goes, “Some Republicans are Democrats, no Democrats are Republicans,” which seems to be pointed directly at Jeb.

The border crisis is surging, and Jeb seems to be sucking up to the Democratic party because he knows that’s the only way he’ll ever get elected to office. Governor Ron DeSantis is a much better fit for Florida’s Governor, and everyone knows it.

The United States has the most diverse Olympics team in the world. If the United States were only White, then almost every country would have only their majority race in the Olympics, but we give opportunities to everybody. China doesn’t have any other race on their Olympic team other than Asian because they want their majority race represented. If it sounds racist, it is. The United States is not the racist country that Democrats try to make it out to be, but the Democrats would be the racists if it were.

Just as the south was rid of Democratic slavery during the civil war, Democrats continue to hold Black Americans down by saying things like “as many as one in four African Americans do not carry the necessary forms of identification to vote under these conditions and would be walloped by these new laws” by Democratic House leader from Maryland. That statistic isn’t accurate. Democrats also said that Black Americans don’t know how to identify because they don’t have the internet. Who do these people think they are?

Jeb, if you want to open the border, say it. If you think that White people are less than other races, say it. Nobody wants this pandering to illegal immigration. Just say what you mean because either way, you aren’t getting re-elected anyway.

Jeb also retweeted a tweet that said, “If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will,” with a tweet showing Tamyra Mensah-Stock celebrating her USA victory at the Olympics. Mensah-Stock is a Black American. Are you pandering to the Black American community? I didn’t see Jeb retweet Vincent Hancock winning the skeet shooting gold medal, and he’s a White American. Jeb, your pandering is showing. Go back to Texas and work for your family making millions off domestic oil because you’ve already made millions off foreign crude between 2001 and 2009.