Jill Biden Seems Really Triggered by People Not Calling Her a Doctor

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I generally have a rule about the spouses of politicians. If they stay out of politics and don’t try to make themselves the center of a story, I have very little stomach for writing on them. For example, I’ve never written on Kamala Harris’ husband because he stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t try to insert himself into issues. That’s a good thing. The spouses of politicians are not elected and shouldn’t act as if they are.

Jill Biden never got that memo. She’s shown a high level of ambition since Joe Biden announced his presidential run, seemingly always being there to drag him forward even as he continually fell apart mentally on the national scene. Not since Hillary Clinton has there been someone so transparently obsessed with becoming the First Lady.

Enter the latest ridiculousness involving whether Jill Biden should be addressed as a doctor or not. A Wall Street Journal article opined correctly that, no, she shouldn’t be because she is, in fact, not a doctor. That really, really triggered Joe Biden’s team and his wife. Yesterday, she dropped this platitude in response.

I’m sorry, but who is diminishing the accomplishments of “our daughters” in this case? I wasn’t aware that not addressing someone as doctor who isn’t a doctor was this big of a deal. Also, how arrogant does someone have to be to think they are going to “build a world” in response to people not calling them by their preferred title?

Here’s the reality of this situation. No one calls an Ed.D (or any non-medical degree really) a “doctor” outside of a professional setting. Someone may call a professor at college that, for example, but that’s done as a sign of respect as part of a direct interaction in a specific circumstance. Newt Gingrich has his doctorate. No one calls him Dr. Gingrich, nor has he ever pathetically demanded that people do so. In fact, like five minutes ago, the left, including The Washington Post, were laughing at Sebastian Gorka calling himself a doctor.

This isn’t about not recognizing accomplishments. I recognize the accomplishments of lawyers too, but I’m not calling them esquire. The Biden camp and media’s demand that we call Jill Biden a doctor is completely nonsensical. It also doesn’t follow any norm at all. Have you ever seen a news article refer to Condoleezza Rice as “Dr. Rice?” This consternation over calling Jill Biden a doctor is simply another partisan play to try to make her seem more knowledgeable than she really is. Remember when Whoopi Goldberg was plugging Jill Biden for Surgeon General because she didn’t bother to check what the latter’s doctorate was actually in?

The funny thing is, no one cared about this until Jill Biden and her camp made a big deal about it. Now, you can be sure that no one on the right will ever address her as a doctor. Besides, she’s isn’t a doctor.

Anyway, here’s a question for you as I wrap you. Who will be the first media member to lose their mind on some Republican for not calling Jill Biden “Dr. Jill Biden?” You know it’s going to happen.