Joe Biden Absolutely Beclowns Himself at NATO Presser With Lying, Partisan Rant

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Remember when we were assured that Joe Biden was going to bring about a return of normalcy and decorum? Yeah, good times.

That’s all gone out the window since Biden officially took office and things aren’t getting any better. When the president’s mind is not melting, he’s pushing a far-left agenda that is enough to make Bernie Sanders blush. Even still, you’d expect the partisan rantings to be few and far between while overseas at the G7, where he’s already beclowned himself multiple times throughout the last week.

Yet, because Biden is, in fact, not a return to normalcy, he launched into an embarrassing tirade against the Republican Party while doing a presser on…*checks notes*…NATO?

I’ll start by saying that I’m at least impressed that he managed to complete a sentence here and not have his brain melt (it did at other moments in the presser). After all, he was over two hours late for this event. While his staff failed to give a reason, I think we all know why. Biden clearly has good days and bad days due to his worsening senility. This was likely one of his bad days, which is why the presser only lasted a little over 20 minutes and he took just five questions.

Now, let’s take the meat of what he’s saying — he’s simply lying. The Republican Party narrowly lost the 2020 election (depending on your outlook), but they actually gained far more seats in the House than expected, making them odds-on favorites to retake that chamber in 2022. Meanwhile, the Senate is at a 50/50 split. Things are nowhere close to Obama’s 59 seat majority. Past that, though, the Republican Party’s strength is really shown at the state level. They hold 27 governorships and 30 state legislatures. In other words, the idea that the GOP is “vastly diminished” is factually wrong. The leadership is also not fractured. Liz Cheney is not “the leadership,” and there is no Republican civil war no matter how much the left wants there to be one.

Lastly, why is Biden talking about this at NATO? Tradition says that you don’t launch into these silly, partisan rants while in a foreign country. Isn’t Biden supposed to be Captain Decorum? Yet, here he is lying his tail off while overseas while he’s supposed to be doing a presser about NATO.

Democrats are in for a shock in 2022 if they truly believe the GOP is in dire straits. It simply isn’t. Things are far closer now than they were after 2008, for example. As to Biden’s nonsense, at least he seemed to know where he was. That’s progress.