Joe Biden continues his reign of incoherence and weirdness

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Joe Biden has brought verbal incontinence and incoherence to something of an art form. When he opens his mouth, if you forget his personal corruption and the vast fraud that brought him within drooling distance of the Oval Office, he’s actually a comic figure. He was at it again in Georgia, making bizarre statements about Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, to the point at which he sounded as if he were trying out for Madeline Kahn’s role in a remake of Blazing Saddles.

When it comes to Jon Ossoff, who really is a remarkable nonentity, Biden couldn’t quite seem to grasp the name of the man he was there to endorse. “Ossoff” got transmuted into the more exotic “Orsoff”:

That really has a kind of Ukrainian touch, doesn’t it? Also, I hope you noticed that the man who is now alleged to have received 81 million votes managed to get at least five cars to honk their horns for him.

Mispronouncing some’s name, though, is the kind of accident that can happen to anyone. Where Joe hit his Bidenesque stride was with his statement about Raphael Warnock. I think that needs a little introduction first.

You see, Joe has a habit of getting weird when it comes to black people. I mean, he’s weird around everyone, calling voters fat or stupid or accusing them of lying, but there’s a special little mental twitch Joe has when he’s talking to or about blacks. For example, there’s his whole Corn Pop narrative:

And there’s Biden’s pervie story about black kids stroking his leg hair:

Oh, and don’t forget the time Biden accused a black journalist of being a drug addict:

Let me reiterate: Joe Biden, who used to count segregationists in the Senate as his best friends, is weird around black people. Now I hope you can truly appreciate what Joe Biden said about the anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-police Raphael Warnock:

Where have I heard that before?

Mel Brooks explained years later that he cut only one joke from Blazing Saddles because it was too risque:

The joke occurred when Sheriff Bart, played by Cleavon Little, goes to visit Lili von Shtupp, played by Madeline Kahn, in her dressing room, and she puts the moves on the duly appointed sheriff of Rock Ridge.

Brooks lays it out: “She blows out the candles, and she says in her German accent, ‘Is it true what they say about you people?’ And Cleavon says, ‘I hate to disillusion you, ma’am, but you’re sucking on my arm.'”

Biden is not a well man. It strains credulity that this weird, racist, disconnected man who can’t even get five cars to honk for him got more votes than any president in history, including more black votes than Barack Obama. I’m sorry, but I cannot believe it’s “twue.”