Joe Biden Is Imploding Before Our Eyes

Joe Biden’s reckless decision-making as the U.S. President has just led from one crisis to another. A poor economy, an uncontrolled Southern border, a deteriorating energy system, and the Afghanistan crisis are prime examples of how Biden is incompetent for running the office. But the fact that makes this situation worse is Biden’s inability to take responsibility for his blunders as he hides away at Camp David. He plays a blame game with previous administrations, republican governors, or the Afghanis.

In the case of the crisis that unfolded after the overnight withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Biden, in his speech on Monday, continued the argument of whether the withdrawal of troops was a logical decision or not. But the real issue at hand is how this action was poorly administered and gave rise to further complications. In his speech, Joe Biden shamelessly accused poor administration of the Afghans to manage this catastrophe, as they were unable to control the Taliban to take over overnight as U.S. troops fled the scene. Following this feeble speech that made it evident that Biden was delusional and ignorant, he went on to say that the Afghan crisis could not be avoided in his interview with George Stephanopoulos and straight-up described Afghanistan chaos, like those people falling from airplanes as old news.

In addition to this, Biden claimed that all possible measures are being taken to evacuate American citizens stranded in Taliban-led Afghanistan. But the rescue efforts made by U.S troops are essentially limited to the airport, as only the U.S citizens are responsible for getting themselves to the airport. Biden’s ignorance towards the Afghanistan crisis was even more apparent when the President was more concerned with the actions of his political rivals, as he made a speech incredibly shaming republicans who were banning mask mandates in their states, and how he would use federal power to control this defiance of COVID-19 protocols. In conclusion, Biden continues on a road of ignorance, with his failure to acknowledge the repercussions of his actions, especially in the case of this Afghan crisis threatening the lives of many American citizens in Afghanistan.