Joe Biden Lies and Misleads About the Economy, Kayleigh McEnany Rips Him Apart

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It’s always a good day to watch Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany own the libs.

This morning, she appeared on Fox News and gave a seven-minute-long interview answering various questions about Joe Biden and also the latest Trump hit piece from The Atlantic (which has been essentially debunked). Her answers were spot on, as you’ll see.

The setup is that Biden went on with the AFL-CIO to fluff his union buddies and he immediately began lying and misleading about the economy. He claimed that Trump would be the first president in history to end his tenure with fewer jobs than he started with. This is of course nonsense because other presidents didn’t have a pandemic that hit in the last year of their term. McEnany wasn’t going to let him get away with that.

Why is this doddering old man yelling so much? I mean, we know he’s reading off the teleprompter, but you’d figure he could keep his emotions under control in that situation.

McEnany lights into Biden after being shown the clip, pointing out that he and Obama oversaw the slowest recovery in modern history. She then notes that Trump’s recovery was the fastest in modern history, seeing exploding growth and job additions, even as every “expert” was predicting doom at times. Even in regards to the recovery this year from the COVID crisis, the economy has far outpaced the apocalyptic assertions of our supposed intellectual betters. Absolutely no one but the Trump administration was saying we’d be back to 8.4% unemployment this soon. This isn’t just a V-shaped recovery, it’s a very compressed V-shaped recovery. In fact, as fast as things are moving, the only reason they aren’t moving faster is that blue states continue to purposely handicap their own economies.

Next, the hosts asked about Biden and Harris spreading conspiracy theories about a possible coronavirus vaccine, suggesting people should be wary of taking it. McEnany illustrated the absurdity of such contentions by noting that Trump is not cooking up the vaccine himself. It’s scientists within Operation Warp-Speed who are doing the work here. Even if you are dumb enough to think Trump would “rush” a vaccine, there is no process in place for that to be possible. Unfortunately, lots of people on the left and in the media are indeed dumb enough to think the President is producing some fake vaccine to promote.

Lastly, McEnany was asked about The Atlantic piece claiming Trump called dead soldiers “losers.” She pointed out that 19 people have gone on record to deny it happened, including an assistant to Gen. Kelly who would have no reason to lie. John Bolton, who is vehemently anti-Trump these days, also says the story is bunk.

It’s a good interview that hits on the major topics of the day. I’d suggest watching the entire video, as it’s classic McEnany.