Joe Biden Makes An Unwise Crack About Ron DeSantis That Could Come Back To Haunt Him

Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t hold back when he talks trash and stands up for civil rights. Whenever the White House mentions DeSantis’ decisions on school reopening policy or vaccination mandates, he makes no friends when responding.

Jen Psaki says that the federal government will use medical advice from national government staff. Still, Michael Osterholm suggested that the federal government was doing a disservice to the American people by saying a cloth mask was sufficient to protect them from Covid-19 or the Delta variant.

DeSantis has been right about everything he’s done thus far, and no spike has been seen in Covid-19 since Florida reopened. DeSantis has ended mask mandates for schools and businesses and bans vaccine mandates statewide. The statistical likelihood that children contract Covid-19 and spread it is extremely low.

Covid-19 deaths from age 0-17 make up .05% of all deaths involving Covid-19. The number of deaths is 349, and comparing that to Pneumonia deaths, 842, is alarming. I don’t remember a pneumonia pandemic in schools. On the other hand, Pneumonia spreads similarly to Covid-19, and the World Health Organization claims that Pneumonia bacteria spread via air transmission from a cough or sneeze.

The flu, strep throat, and many other viruses spread similarly, but mask mandates haven’t ever been required for those viruses, yet Covid-19 is the one that needs it. Data shows that children spread Covid-19 much more minor than adults, significantly the younger the child is. 79% of Covid-19 deaths happen in adults 65 years of age and older, but they only account for 480,143 deaths. In comparison, 78% of Pneumonia deaths are in adults 65 years of age and older at 429,891 of the 547,465 deaths in total from Pneumonia.

It’s reasonable to believe that Covid-19 is just as infectious and deadly as Pneumonia and should be taken as seriously as Pneumonia. The most significant difference is that children die from Pneumonia at a much higher rate when it comes to children.

DeSantis has criticized Biden’s administration’s border crisis policy because it allows illegal immigrants into the country with no regard for the spread of Covid-19 but wants to deny Americans their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by not allowing the unvaccinated to work, the unmasked to remain outside of schools, and the unvaccinated to travel. Biden is single-handedly destroying this country from within, and if the powers at be don’t stop it, it will get very messy for the citizens of this great country.

Biden needs to back off of DeSantis because he clearly can’t handle the heat that’s been thrown at him. Biden likes to make jokes like “Governor who?” when asked about DeSantis’ statements, but DeSantis isn’t the one that’s violating American’s rights. Good luck in 2024, Mr. Biden. You’re going to need it.