Joe Biden’s Handlers Let Him Out, and Things Are Not Fine

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Earlier today, the Democrats in the Senate passed their COVID “relief” bill along a party-line vote. Not even Lisa Murkowski or Mitt Romney saw fit to break ranks this time because that’s how bad this piece of legislation is. In fact, only 9% of the bill goes to direct assistance for those who have suffered at the hands of government lockdowns. The rest goes to a smattering of special interests and payoffs, from the National Endowment of the Arts to bailing out blue states that were in dire financial straits long before the pandemic hit.

For some reason, all this led to Joe Biden’s handlers seeing fit to let him out of his bedroom. What followed was yet more proof that this is a man who isn’t fit to be a dog walker, much less the President of the United States.

Here, you try to make sense of this.

Biden truly looks barely alive at this point. His skin is taut, his eyes are squinty, and he once again shows an inability to articulate even the most basic points. None of his verbal fumbles are due to any supposed stutter. Keep in mind, there’s a teleprompter feeding him lines in a massive font right in front of him. How in the world is this guy ever going to do a State of the Union address if he can’t operate for ten minutes in an environment built to prop him up?

I think the answer is that he won’t. He’s already skipped the traditional first address to Congress, something no president in modern history has done. Given he and almost every (if not every) member of Congress have been vaccinated from the coronavirus, there’s zero justification for that decision aside from a physical inability to perform his duties. Clearly, this is a man who would be incapable of delivering a lengthy speech, reading off written notes at an hour that also happens to be well past his bedtime. Unlike the myriad of “joint interviews” he keeps doing, he wouldn’t be able to have his wife by his side to interject and help him out.

Does Joe Biden have dementia? Or is are we just witnessing his natural descent in senility? People do simply get old, after all. I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you is that none of this normal.