Journalists Lead The Pack Of Mask Hypocrites

Social media has been buzzing in recent days with posts and stories about the mask hypocrisy of the A-List attendees of Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) dancing maskless at a wedding in Michigan. What is even more telling is the behavior of our betters in the journalism business.

As Glenn Reynolds says about the climate alarmist elites cavorting around the globe in their private jets, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they begin acting like it’s a crisis.”

As Twitchy notes, it would seem that we could expect for the White House press corps to follow the rules their corporate media outlets tell us all we should, or must, be following all day, every day. However, as usual, the instant it becomes more convenient for a journalist to act in a way that puts their own needs above their colleagues’ “safety,” the mask is quite literally dropped.

Twitchy also links the White House post where you can watch for yourself to see how rampant ignoring masking rules is among the enlightened warriors of the complicit media.

While journalists do not have much of an excuse for violating masking rules when it comes to doing their job, many other workers do have trouble performing their regular duties when forced to wear a mask.

Many frontline workers spend most or almost all of their time outdoors and engaged in physically demanding or stressful activities. Even then, the journalist class is always lurking and waiting for a “gotcha” moment involving a disfavored person.

The L.A. Times breathlessly reported on August 12 that some Los Angeles police officers have been seen on duty but not wearing a mask as ordered. Of course, the paper was only concerned about repeating all of the currently approved talking points regarding spread by vaccinated persons and the threats presented by the Delta variant.

It’s not likely any desk worker will be seriously asking whether masks interfere with public safety and protection anytime soon. However, they will probably continue to pull down their masks whenever they need to yell out in a crowd.