Just What American Word Is Now Used As ‘Hate Speech’

There is this American word that you probably did not know is being considered as hate speech by the left. It is now being alleged that the ‘flag’ is racist, the national anthem is racist, and even the word ‘Patriot’ is being used offensively by hate groups.

According to a tech reporter on CBSN warned the users to be on the lookout for hate speech during an interview referred to the word ‘Patriot’ as a dangerous word that can not be used. The reporter also alleged that conspiracy theories attached to the dish and anyone running for office should abstain from using such terms to trigger hate speech, being used by a dangerous and extremist group. While justifying the stance, it was alleged that the use of such a word might not sound so offensive on mainstream media with thousands of people tuned in. Still, a specific group of followers can understand the deep-rooted meaning behind the word and negatively impact the followers.

Imagine the lengths these liberals are now going to establish an authoritative hold on even the daily use of words, deeming them offensive. Introducing euphemisms to be used in place of any such word deemed extreme or hate speech may seem like a minor deal. Still, it is a part of making one accustomed to a certain level of politics, and then gradually, everyone catches on.

This toxic narrative is being used by the far left to call out the speeches of many of the representatives as dog whistles, making a trend out of it to hate America now, calling out a simple word as a patriot as hate speech and labeled as a dog whistle. Beware of using such a word or be called a racist!