Kamala Harris again proves that her only principle is ambition

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Kamala Harris was opposed on principle to men who assaulted women right until the moment when another principle emerged. This new principle was about her own ambition to achieve the office of vice president to a president everyone knows won’t last the full four-year term. With this new principle at the fore, Kamala Harris told an accused rapist who ran from police and may have been trying to kill them that she was “proud” of him.

In 2018, the Democrats were desperate to keep Brett Kavanaugh, a reasonably reliable conservative judge, off the Supreme Court. To this end, they launched such a vicious blitz against him that it made their attack against Clarence Thomas (an attack that Joe Biden joined with Ted Kennedy to lead) seem like a mere warm-up.

Kavanaugh, a man with a sterling personal reputation, suddenly found himself accused of attempted rape by a woman he’d never met. Next, all sorts of women of dubious integrity swarmed out, leveling foul, and manifestly false, accusations against him. The Democrats were not derailed even when Kavanaugh produced detailed calendars definitively proving that Christine Blowsy-Fraud (who’s since vanished back into the squalid leftist cesspool from which she emerged) was crudely lying.

And no Democrat was more aggressive in accusing Kavanaugh than Senator Kamala Harris.

What a heart-warming “believe all women” moment that was.

Kamala believed all women again when Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of essentially raping her with his finger.

(By the way, there are a lot of reasons to believe that Reade was telling the truth, not the least of which is that Biden had a longstanding reputation for assaulting women, as did his drunken, debauched friends Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd.)

Once Biden tapped her for the veep position, though, Kamala suddenly believed Biden. That turnaround clearly reflected her ambition overriding her principles (assuming that Kamala’s “believe all women” stance was a principle and not just another facet of her ambition). Still, the veep seat to a doddering old man is a sweet gig, so many could see why Kamala’s principles were willing to take a back seat.

However, when Kamala met with Jacob Blake, who was shot by Kenosha police, which triggered the left’s attempt to burn Kenosha to the ground, Kamala’s principles didn’t just take a back seat to her ambition. They jumped out of the car and took shelter from her in a nearby safe house:

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris reportedly told Jacob Blake she was “proud” of him for how he is “working through his pain” after being shot by police last month, an incident that touched off a fresh wave of protests across the country.

During that meeting, which also included meeting with Blake’s father, an openly anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-American, anti-Christian follower of Louis Farrakhan, Harris was unaffected by the charges against Blake Jr. She conveniently forgot that the reason the police were at the house on that fateful day was because Blake Jr. was violating a protective order requiring that he stay away from a woman — and the mother of some of his six out-of-wedlock children — who accused him of “pulling a Biden.” That is, the woman alleged that Blake brutally raped her with his finger while one of their children was in the bed.

Moreover, when the police came, Blake fought violently with them, had a knife, refused to listen to orders, and engaged in an activity that made it reasonable for the police to believe he would try to stab or shoot them — hence their decision to shoot him first. That’s the man of whom Kamala is proud. It is obvious she is proud of him only as a way to pander to the Black Lives Matter movement because this is not a young man who should inspire pride in anybody.

There’s no question that you need to be ambitious to aim for the White House. It’s hard to imagine, though, anyone as blatantly and nakedly ambitious as Kamala Harris. That fact alone should concern American voters this November.