Kamala Harris makes her Secret Service agents’ work hellish

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Democrats are famous for treating the men and women who would take a bullet for them as their personal valet service.

But few seem to be taking it quite to the level that Kamala Harris has. It ought to be no surprise that she’s constantly making life hell for them.

The latest such incident was Harris’s insistence on marching in a loud crowd at the gay pride parade in Washington, D.C.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris made a surprise appearance at the Pride event in Washington on Saturday but it was one of her protectors who drew the attention of many Twitter users.

Any time a president or vice president mingles with the public becomes a challenge for those charged with guarding them – simply because the situation is less under security’s control.

Much of the Twitter attention was directed at a Secret Service agent near the vice president, a tall man in sunglasses who was seen behind Harris in photos and videos as she traversed the parade area.

It’s not clear if he was unhappy or not, actually, based on his poker-face appearance, but it’s very much a certainty that she created more work for him.

Secret Service agents, for those who know them, maintain that apparent deadpan expression on their faces because they’ve got the extremely difficult job of reading non-verbal cues and expressions on the faces of all the people in the vicinity of the politician they are protecting, and must not give bad guys any expression or even eye contact to react to. If it’s a big crowd, that means a lot of faces to scan and read the intentions of correctly. And it’s not just the six feet around the protected pol that they’ve got to watch, it’s as far as a rifle can be fired or an incoming aircraft can come in from, it’s a significant range of surveillance. The agents, of course, have to work in teams for this to cover the entire area for protection. But at least one of them, in this case, the tall man described in the story, has to be in close enough vicinity to take a bullet, which is why he ended up with all the attention. Suffice to say, Harris made a lot more work for him by preening and prancing for the cameras in her ‘love is love’ t-shirt as she declared herself “making history.”

As for Harris, well, it was a photo op for her, something to draw the media’s attention away from her failed trip to Mexico and Guatemala, and her even bigger failure to visit the border as Joe Biden’s border czar in charge of halting the migrant surge. It was all gravy to her as if this symbolism and photo op were some kind of substitute for her presumed acts as vice president. It’s kind of unseemly for the sitting vice president in power to go to a protest against her own government, which is at least part of the mission here. If she doesn’t like the way the government is run, shouldn’t she be doing something more constructive than protesting?

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time she’s forced the Secret Service to go above and beyond the call of duty for her. In this piece here, she made them jog up and down steps for her so that she could be in the vicinity of the cameras. She also misused the Los Angeles Police Department as her illegally-procured personal security detail so she could go party it up among her fellow leftists, according to this incident here.

A Google search shows that they nevertheless did the job professionally. In this piece here, they caught a maniac with a gun who seemed to be after her and put him away, where he belongs.

That doesn’t stop Kamala, though, from making extra work for them.

It’s all part of a long line of Democrats who have always treated Secret Service agents as their personal servants as they rudely went about creating more rather than less work for them. The great Ronald Reagan once refused to fly home to California for Christmas because of the burden it would place on his Secret Service agents who would be deprived of Christmas holidays with their families. Kamala, on the other hand, leaps in to make more work for the Secret Service, like a spoiled rich woman for whom money is no object.

At a minimum, it’s inconsiderate. It’s also wasteful. And what is she doing it for again? Yes, her own aggrandizement. The rest of us should be as disgusted-looking as that Secret Service agent in that detail next to her, in our case, for real.