Kamala Harris We Can’t Secure The Border Until We Transform Central America Into A Paradise

In just five months, Vice president Kamala Harris appears to have cracked the illegal immigration code. To deter Central Americans from crossing the US border illegally, they need to make Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador wealthy democracies.

Moreover, in just 18 pages, Harris’ office explains what decades of politicians and administrations have missed. So many Central Americans migrate to the US illegally because their nations are plagued by crime, corruption, violence, and poverty.

However, in all seriousness, the vice president’s “root causes” paper is a collection of bureaucratic gibberish from an administration that has never addressed illegal immigration effectively, and those whose own actions have exacerbated the border issue. Furthermore, her performance as Biden’s “border czar” has been marked by a blend of dismissiveness and incuriosity. According to the administration, its fundamental approach is precisely the type of clumsy, unfocused, and frequently pointless attempts that have failed miserably for more than two decades. Consequently, to emphasize the Biden administration’s underlying lack of concern about this situation would be difficult.

Moreover, for the Biden administration to tackle the immigration problem, Honduras and Guatemala must rule transparently and professionally. But a question arises: whether President Joe Biden is aware that the president of Honduras is probably a drug smuggler? However, according to his own opinion, if they begin with the idea that the only way to halt illegal immigration is to convert Central America into a model of good government, they would never be able to stop it completely.

Additionally, according to John Avlon, the Biden administration’s policy for Central America is little more than a series of half-measures and platitudes. He believes that illegal immigration must be viewed as national security and international policy issue rather than a domestic political one in the United States. Therefore, the Biden administration cannot resolve this illegal immigration crisis without fundamentally altering the relationship with Mexico and Central America.