Kamala Harris won — if the prize was awarded for the most lies in a debate

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The vice presidential debate is over. If the winner is the person who quietly dominated the room, fought off two antagonists, never lost focus, and landed one deadly blow after another, then the winner must be Mike Pence, hands down. However, if the score was for the person who lied incessantly and refused to answer a critical question, Harris is the winner.

Before getting to the lies, the most important moment of the evening was Harris’s refusal to answer when asked about packing the Supreme Court. Pence had cornered Kamala, telling her to answer whether she and Joe would pack the Supreme Court. It was a question that required a “yes” or a “no” answer. Instead, Kamala squirmed, lied, smirked, and played the race card, all the while hoping no one would notice she hadn’t answered. Pence noticed, though, and he put it on the record:

And then, as I said, there were the lies. Pence masterfully rebutted as many as he could, but an easily uttered five-second lie may require a longer rebuttal, and the moderator worked hard to deny Pence the chance to correct the record. The following are just some truths to rebut Kamala’s many lies:

Trump never called the Wuhan virus a “hoax.”

Trump never called American troops “losers” and “suckers.”

It’s a lie that Trump praised white supremacists at Charlottesville. He’s repeatedly denounced white supremacy, including at the last debate. If Kamala’s looking for a racist, she should look at Biden.

There was no serious evidence of a Russian bounty on U.S. troops.

Trump did not call Mexicans “rapists.”

There was no “Muslim ban.” Instead, Trump relied on information the Obama administration created about terrorist nations and banned those nations pending greater security measures.

Biden’s response to H1N1 was a disaster, and the U.S. was saved only by luck.

On the virus, Trump acted fast, saved lives by stopping travel from China (over Biden’s objections), made America’s outdated test system functional, earned praise from beleaguered Democrat governors, used the Defense Production Act to provide everything medical teams needed, and killed pointless regulations blocking the development of treatments and vaccinations.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have vowed explicitly to repeal Trump’s tax cuts, offering instead a plan to raise taxes on all Americans. What would be especially damaging is Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations, which would destroy small businesses. Large businesses would meet those taxes by raising prices for consumers, cutting wages, laying off employees, and outsourcing work overseas.

Trump’s economy delivered huge wage benefits to American workers, especially women and minorities. His economy ended only because the Democrats used the Wuhan virus as an excuse to shut down America, which would, they hoped, prevent Trump from winning re-election.

America’s air and water are cleaner under Trump than under Obama and stayed ahead of those Europeans still signed on to the Paris Accord.

Kamala supports the Green New Deal.

Even the New York Times says Biden has not been transparent about his health.

President Trump has boosted U.S. manufacturing and obtained beneficial trade deals with China (thanks to his tariff war) and with Mexico and Canada. Even CNN and Biden conceded that USMCA was better than NAFTA. (Kamala was against the USMCA deal.)

Biden has been wrong about everything when it comes to the Middle East. He was both for and against the Iraq war (causing him to lie), he stood at Obama’s side as ISIS rose, he opposed taking out bin Laden, was part of an administration that could have saved Kayla Mueller from al-Baghdadi but didn’t. He also wants to reinstate the Iran deal that saw $1.7 billion sent to Iran’s mullahs.

Harris has attacked judges for their Catholic faith.

And for the last word on Kamala’s lies, Ann Althouse thinks Kamala blinked a lot because of her false eyelashes. Au contraire. She blinked so much because she was lying so much.

Kamala was helped in peddling her lies because Susan Page, the moderator, consistently attacked the Trump-Pence record. She balanced those attacks by refraining, for the most part, from challenging Kamala on her or Biden’s history, asking them only easy hypotheticals about what they would do better than Trump. I wonder why.