McConnell: Biden Should Provide Afghans Support To Stop Taliban From Conquering Kabul

Biden ordered the US military generals to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by August 31st, and since then, the US troops in Afghanistan have been prompt in action. They handed over the airbase and also the governor’s house to the Afghani forces.

When questioned about the hurried withdrawal of the forces from Afghanistan, Biden stated that he cares about the lives of the American sons and daughters, and the longer they wait, the more deaths they’ll record. Moreover, he stated that the Afghani forces had been trained well by the US forces. They will be provided with the necessary arms and resources to be fully equipped against any Taliban attack once the US troops leave. But, Biden’s stupid policy has resulted in a significant Taliban takeover of Afghanistan with more than half of the land under their occupation, and Afghani forces have fallen back.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in light of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, called out Biden for his policy and urged him to make his decision right by rendering Support to the Afghani forces and sending in additional forces to evacuate the US Embassy in Afghanistan. He feared that in light of the current events, the Taliban and Al Qaeda might celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th attack by bombing the US Embassy. McConnell calls for airstrikes to support the Afghani forces and extend the Military aid beyond August 31st.

It’s been 20 years since the Afghan forces have been deployed in the Afghani territories, controlling a significant part of the country’s defense against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The country may have been imperfect but was stable. But with Biden’s latest policy, they have not even left entirely yet, and already a significant part of the country is under Taliban occupation. The question arises, what exactly did the US achieve in the last 20 years if the situation has fallen back to square one. Biden is being criticized by many of the State Representatives, and McConnell has been warned that if the situation prevails, a global Jihadist movement may form.