Mollie Hemingway: By Trump Standards, Biden Should Already Be Investigated For Obstruction Of Justice

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Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway highlighted another set of elitist double standards about the Biden scandals Wednesday on Fox News, arguing if President-elect Joe Biden were President Donald Trump, a special counsel probe would already be underway.

“If we applied the same standards to Joe Biden that we applied to Donald Trump, Joe Biden himself would already have a special counsel on him for obstruction of justice,” Hemingway said. “Joe Biden is making false claims about the nature of the investigation into his son. He said that it was foul play, that the investigation was foul play. These were the standards that were used to put a special counsel that was very damaging against the Trump administration that went on for several years.”

Biden, Hemingway continued, has also dismissed reporting implicating him in his family’s overseas business ventures as “Russian disinformation,” a Democratic talking point regurgitated by corporate media to delegitimize stories running against their narrative.

“We had a media and Democrat party and government figures who played around with actual Russian disinformation which was the Steele dossier for years,” Hemingway said. “But this is not Russian disinformation.”