Mysterious Seed Packets from China Are Showing Up in U.S. Mailboxes: ‘Treat Them Like They Are Radioactive,’ Officials Warn

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If you’re not a big fan of the Chinese Communist Party these days, join the club. No matter how the CCP and their well-funded enablers in American media try to distract and gaslight you, the fact remains that China is directly responsible for the massive disruption that the coronavirus has caused in all our lives. The virus is a fire, and the arsonist is China. Say what you want about Trump’s competence as our fire chief, but he did not do this to us.

So the following item makes me uneasy. Natalie Solis, KDFW in Dallas-Ft. Worth:

Mysterious seeds are showing up in North Texas mailboxes and state authorities say Texas agriculture could be at risk.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said 200 residents have received unsolicited seed packets sent by mail that appeared to have originated in China. Texas is one of nearly 30 states that have issued a warning.

“We don’t want people opening those up, don’t put them in the mail, certainly don’t plant them. Contact us. Let us pick them up. Treat them like they are radioactive, like they are Kryptonite,” Miller said.

Some of the packages are labeled as containing jewelry or personal electronics, but inside are these packets of unidentified seeds.

Uh… why?

This is happening in over half of our states. So far. It sure does seem like someone in China is making a concerted effort to do… something.

Is it crazy to think this could be a form of biological warfare, introducing invasive species to destroy our crops? Is it nuts to wonder if China is trying to interfere with our food supply? Maybe. But six months ago, it would’ve been crazy to wonder if China had released a virus, advertently or not, that would end up crippling the entire world’s economy. You would’ve laughed at Alex Jones for saying it, and it’s happening right now.

But biological warfare has been China’s specialty for thousands of years. They used to catapult diseased corpses into enemy cities. In 2020, they’ve already unleashed a plague on the world and they’re sending Uyghurs to concentration camps. What’s a few packets of Chinese seeds?

Are we allowed to call them “Chinese seeds,” or is that racist now? After all, accurately referring to COVID-19 as a “Chinese virus” is somehow racist, for reasons nobody has ever bothered to explain. “Chinese food” is fine, but “Chinese virus” is no good. I guess because people actually like Chinese food.

Or, y’know, the whole seed thing could just be this. Allyson Waller, NYT:

The police in Whitehouse, Ohio, where a resident reported receiving seeds, said the packages appeared to be a part of a “brushing” fraud.

“A brushing scam,” the department said on its Facebook page, “is an exploit by a vendor used to bolster product ratings and increase visibility online by shipping an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the receiver’s behalf under the guise of a verified owner.”

Okay, it could be that. Even if it’s just that, it stinks. I don’t want somebody sending me stuff I didn’t order and then claiming I thanked them for it. Let alone somebody in another country. I don’t like a totalitarian regime using my own country’s openness against us.

Am I allowed to call such a scammer a “Chinese giver”? Probably not. Sorry.

But seriously, folks. Maybe it’s nothing. I hope it isn’t. But hope isn’t a plan. The CCP has given us no reason to trust them, and anybody who tells you otherwise isn’t your friend.

If that makes me paranoid, fine. I’m done listening to people who keep lying to me.