Nancy Pelosi’s ‘GROTESQUE BEHAVIOR’ After The Bomb In Kabul Was For A Reason

Nancy Pelosi is one of the most insensitive politicians that hold office in our current Democrat-run government. Aside from Vice President Kamala Harris, who can’t wait for her opportunity to be president of the United States, Pelosi has broken governors orders, coerced businesses to open up just for her, tried to have House members arrested and fined for not wearing a mask, and violated that same mandate.

Not only has Pelosi made millions, if not billions of dollars in stock options and insider trading with her prior knowledge of stock dips and upticks, but she can’t even show emotion when American soldiers are killed in Afghanistan because of her parties incompetence and inability to make exceptions to their plans and put contingency options in place for their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pelosi entered the podium by hugging a Black American girl and pulling her toward it because she wanted to ensure the media got a picture of it.

Pelosi is excited about voter rights, but Afghanistan is falling as she gave her speech, and she’s happy. Can you say sociopath?

After, Nancy Pelosi went to San Francisco to give another speech for women’s rights. She was also happy there too.

Not saying Pelosi can’t be happy, but she hasn’t addressed the American troops that have been killed in Afghanistan along with the hundreds of Afghans that have been executed in the streets of Kabul and around the country.

Pelosi also hasn’t called for Biden to resign or investigate the Afghanistan withdrawal, so what will she do about it? She’s long-time friends with Biden, so it’s not that it’s expected. What is expected is for Pelosi to address the nation of Afghanistan.

Many politicians have offered their condolences to the families of the military troops that lost their lives in Afghanistan in the past few days, and the only thing Pelosi has done is have a statement posted on

Pelosi is convincing her voters that nothing is happening. She acts like the actions of the Biden administration are an everyday thing, and she works like this was former President Donald Trump’s plan all along, and it’s being executed correctly.

Everyone who has any tactical knowledge knows that’s false. Trump would have never let this happen. Say what you want about his Twitter comments, but he was there to act when action needed to be taken.