NFL 2021 COVID Protocols Reflect Biden’s Plans For “Medical Jim Crow”

The National Football League’s COVID restrictions and precautions for the upcoming season create a two-tiered system within America’s favorite sport. Players and coaches who chose not to be vaccinated will find themselves subjected to standards and restrictions that do not apply to vaccinated employees. Fines are expected to be up to $14,000 per infraction.

Jason Whitlock is one of the more outspoken commenters on sports, race, and culture today in America. In an op-ed published by Blaze Media on July 26, he shows the NFL policy to be a mirror image of the “Medical Jim Crow” plan that the Biden administration has in mind for all of us.

He begins by laying out the hypocritical approach the Democratic Party has taken towards election integrity since last year’s presidential election. Democrats belittle people of color by implying that they cannot obtain legal identification or comply with fundamental rules governing absentee voting.

Although Jason is doubtful of all this, he accepts the Democratic reasoning to look at the NFL rules.

He explains the logic behind NFL vaccine hesitancy by showing that black men are the least likely demographic group overall to trust the government’s position on the vaccine and that the NFL is made up of approximately 75 percent black players. The Democratic Party spent the entire Trump administration telling black people to distrust the government as systemically racist.

Whitlock credits Tucker Carlson of Fox News with coining the phrase “Medical Jim Crow” and then shows that the NFL’s COVID rules for this year will disproportionately affect black players and employees. He argues that the same effect will play out in American culture at large.

He cautions black men to stop assuming that their allies are always “Democrats, liberals, and social justice activists.” He calls those groups “clever hunters” looking to take advantage of situations they can exploit.

“I have to tip my hats to Democrats. They’ve convinced us that political allegiance is superior to religious allegiance. Voting is a religion. They’ve persuaded us to believe that our ancestors sacrificed their lives for our right to vote. And they’re quite adept at disguising their racism,” he writes.

In expressing a wish that Democrats would let everyone make up their minds about the vaccine, Whitlock states, “All the people allegedly concerned with saving vulnerable lives get real quiet when you bring up abortion. Keep that same quiet energy when it comes to the COVID vaccines.”

Jason Whitlock writes a regular column for Blaze Media, where he also hosts the show Fearless with Jason Whitlock.