Obama’s Former Doctor Expects Biden To Step Down Soon, Citing A “National Security Issue”

Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s administrations’ former physician Ronny Jackson has been concerned about the cognitive capabilities of President Joe Biden. This year, he was elected to represent Texas’ 13th District and believes that Biden would not conclude his first term and either retire or be driven out through the 25th amendment of the White House. Additionally, Jackson told Sean Hannity on Fox News on Thursday that he has been emphasizing this from the outset, even when Joe Biden was a presidential candidate. Moreover, he indicated that he was aware that things would deteriorate as a result of this. During the interview, he also raised the questions that all of the academic physicians who were advocating for President Trump to be submitted to a cognitive test had gone.

Moreover, along with 13 other Republican legislators last month, Jackson called on Biden to take a cognitive test similar to the one he offered to Trump during his presidency. However, Trump completed the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in 2018 under Jackson’s supervision, and he tested moderate cognitive impairment or dementia by earning a flawless 30 out of 30. Jackson left a remark about Biden, indicating that there is something gravely wrong with the President.

The White House and the left, Jackson highlighted, would push back hard against Biden’s efforts to do something about what’s going on if he went forward with his plans to visit the White House. At this point, it’s a national security concern. Furthermore, Ronny Jackson voiced his concern that America’s adversaries would be looking at what’s going on in the Joe Biden administration right now and thinking that this could be a good moment to come after America.

According to Jackson’s conclusion, America needs someone who would inspire confidence in the American people while also inspiring the appropriate amount of dread and hesitation in our adversaries. Still, unfortunately, America does not have that person in the White House at this time.

Trump’s former senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, also expressed his concerns about who is making critical choices in the White House. For instance, who makes COVID policy decisions? Who makes border policy decisions? Who is pushing Russia and the Nord Stream pipeline decisions? Because that is unmistakably not Joe Biden.

Furthermore, it can be observed that Biden has become disoriented. He is perplexed and can hardly get together a cohesive phrase. Therefore, he must undergo a cognitive examination and make the results public. In addition, concerns about Biden’s mental health have resurfaced this week due to the President’s performance during the CNN town hall. Biden occasionally lost his line of thought during the town hall, struggled to find the words he desired to speak, and made strange comments. CNN also fact-checked many remarks made by President Biden during the town hall and debunked numerous claims throughout the program.